In the Hunt: Tools of the Ranch

When you’re in the hunt, you rely on your tools. Swagger Bipods provide great functionality for hunting needs. The main question that gets asked about the Hunter Series Swagger Bipod is how is it different from other bipods? It’s a bipod in itself, but the product does the job of two. From shooting in the prone then moving to seated and kneeling positions with ease is significant as these body positions in hunting are critical. Moving with ease into different positions while deer hunting means faster time on target for bucks running out of the brush while rattling. Another bonus, all the Swagger bipods are easy to disassemble to properly clean out dust for optimal performance and use of your bipod for many successful hunting trips.

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About In the Hunt

Reflecting the rich hunting heritage in North America, this series chronicles the pursuit of accessible species that are native to the US. The majority of the hunts take place in Webb County, Texas and feature whitetail deer, hog, predator, and more. Select hunts are taken off-site to other areas like Wyoming, Nebraska and even a stop in Argentina. In the Hunt explores all aspects of the hunt – such as prep – that make each experience so unique.

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