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Italian fisherman catches monster catfish in 4 unbelievable videos

Italian fisherman, Yuri Grisendi, catches monster catfish in 4 unbelievable videos!

Video #1: This one is Yuri Grisendi’s personal best catch in the River Po, Italy. This incredible catfish is 8.65 feet long and weighs 265 lbs. A real monster catfish!

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Video #2: Braids line is the best system to catch catfish at night. In this video, Juri breaks his braid line in the first fight, but in the second fight this Italian fisherman reels in a two monster catfish. Unbelievable to watch!

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Video #3: Yuri Grisendi show a really big monster fish 260 lbs x 2.50 mts caught in the night on the river Po in Italy. One of biggest catfish in the world caught on camera !!

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Video #4: Another monstrous 250 lbs catfish reeled in and caught on camera from Yuri Grisendi. After a few photo ops and sufficient film footage he releases it back in the the river.



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