IWI Masada Tactical Gun Sootch00 Review

The IWI Masada was introduced in 2017. It’s a full size 9mm striker-fired pistol. Masada means fortress in Hebrew, but it was also a very famous fort that stood against the Romans back during the time when the Romans occupied Israel. This is a combat weapon and are made specifically for combat. Now they’ve introduced their tactical model which has a threaded barrel, it has suppressor height sights, there’s some other features to it and we’re going to take a look at the new IWI Tactical Masada. IWI sent the Tactical Masada for this review. And guys, they are serious about weapon technology in Israel and it really shows with this pistol.

IWI has made some of the most legendary firearms that have come out of Israel. And then we have the Masada which was introduced a number of years ago, and they have now upgraded to the tactical model.

We took the Masada Tactical ORP down to the range and we decided not to put a red dot on it because this is the way you’re gonna get it. We wanted to shoot it that way. Especially the suppressor height sights, we wanted to see how they functioned without the red dot. Then you have your threaded barrel, which you definitely can put any kind of suppressors on there. Then with the suppressor height sights, you’re able to have sights over your suppressor as well. The controls stick out just a little more than your standard Glock, but that makes them easier to get to. I didn’t have really any problems deactivating the slide stop when I was firing, it sits back enough and so you know, if anything, I might hit the takedown lever, but that gives me a little bit of recoil mitigation on the firearm. The grip is a nice textured grip and it’s not too aggressive next to your skin. And yet when you grab it, it goes all the way around and it just feels really solid when you’re shooting. We had no malfunctions which we expected. We didn’t have them with the first Massada. It just shoots really well. It’s a very pointable handgun and it is full-size. So, when you’re shooting it, it is a combat handgun and again, it can be used in tactical applications, especially with the threaded barrel. So overall, just like the original Masada, we had a great range day.

If you’re looking for a full-size handgun, the Massada is a great gun in itself. If you’re looking for a suppressor host or you just want something that you can put an optic on and still have those suppressor height sights, this works great as well. The gun itself is a high quality firearm, and the price is really reasonable.

Thanks to IWI for sending the Masada Tactical for the review. Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition!


  • Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
  • Action: Semi-auto
  • Operating System: Striker Fired
  • Magazine Type: IWI, Steel
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 Round, 17 Round
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Length: 4.6″
  • Thread Pitch: 1/2 x 28 TPI
  • Overall Length: 7.9″
  • Weight: 1 lb 7 oz
  • Rifling: Button Rifled, 1:10 RH
  • Sights: Suppressor Height Combat Sights
  • MSRP: $480
masada tactical

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