IWI Zion 15 Rifle – Sootch00 Review

IWI Zion 15 Rifle – Sootch00 Review

IWI Zion 15 is a quality Rifle with a lot of features. All made in the USA. Big thanks to IWI US for sending the Z-15 for the review.

IMI or the Israeli Military Industries has been around since 1933 and has been producing firearms for the Israeli military. In 2005, IWI became a private company that now produces the Galil Ace, the Tavor, the TS12, the Masada, and the Jericho, which are all not allowed to be imported into the United States. The IWI Zion AR-15 rifle is the first IWI firearm that is going to be fully manufactured within the United States. IWI has a plant up in Middletown, PA, which is where the IWI headquarters is, where they will be producing these rifles. This will give IWI the capability to go into other types of firearms if needed.

The Zion 15 or Z-15 is an AR-15 that has a lot of room for part interchangeability.  The Z-15 is MIL spec and is very high quality. IWI is known for their high quality firearms with features that for the price are exceptional. The price of the Z-15 is $899 retail, but you should be able to find it around the $800 range. The Zion 15 has the m-lock free float 15in handguard which is made by IWI. Underneath the handguard, is the barrel which is a 16in Socom Profile. This barrel is a little heavier than your normal AR-15 barrel, but will give you a little more heat dissipation than your standard barrel. One thing you can’t see underneath the handguard is a mid length gas system which helps to mitigate recoil. It allows for softer shooting and also longer term durability. All along the top of the handguard is picatinny rail allowing for all types of scopes.

The IWI Zion 15 barrel is engraved allowing for easy gun recognition if you have a large number of AR-15s. On the end of the barrel you are able to add a compensator or other attachment.  The IWI does not include iron sights and is optic ready if you want to add sights.

The Zion 15 has the enhanced sopmod stock from B5 Systems. The stock is very comfortable sitting on the cheek and comes with an adjustable MIL spec buffer tube. On the end of the stock you do have a rubber butt pad adding to the comfort. The stock has compartments underneath allowing the owner to store batteries if needed. The compartments are waterproof and very tight in the stock. 

The grip is a Type 23 P-Grip that is set at a great angle. The aggressive texturing on both the sides and the front allow for both stability and control. The upper and lower receiver are both 70-75 T6 Aluminum with a hard anodized finish and are very well done.

The Zion 15 comes with one of the Magpul PMAGs with a window. This is really great because it allows you to see how much ammunition you have left in the magazine.

For testing we are using Fiocchi 55 grain Full Metal Jacket rounds. Ammo made right here in the USA. After going through a thousand rounds of ammunition, the gun was still in great condition and was still firing amazing. Being able to get follow up shots really quickly with light muzzle rise was a joy to handle.

iwi zion IWI-Zion-15-Rifle-Sootch00-Review

The grip was easy on the wrist and allowed you to fire the firearm more naturally. The gun was extremely accurate and just a great gun to shoot.

With all the features that the Zion 15 comes with, it really places it with the real premium rifles. The long durability and great feel just adds to that. When IWI did a 10,000 round torture test to the Zion 15 they said that the performance was a very minimal difference from the first bullet and the ten-thousandth bullet which shows a lot about these barrels.

“Be strong, Be of good Courage, God Bless America, long live the Republic” – Sootch00

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The first M4 Variant rifle from IWI US, this 16″ Tactical Rifle includes a 15″ Free Float Handguard, a B5 Systems Stock, and Grip, and includes one (1) 30 round Magpul PMAG. Proudly manufactured and assembled at the IWI US facility in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for their Sponsorship!

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