Just Launched: Moultrie Mobile App 2.0 for Hunters

From the market leader in trail cameras and game feeders, Moultrie Mobile App 2.0 is now available for users to download. User-friendly upgrades to the original include enhanced image viewing options and the largest image viewing area on your smartphone.

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The image gallery now features a navigation bar that disappears when scrolling, making it easier to scan through, find and pattern those trophy bucks working your hunting land. The viewing options in the image gallery allow for tiled viewing (four images per row), or single-image viewing, to see greater detail.

“Moultrie Mobile 2.0 makes a better hunting experience as simple as tapping a smartphone screen” said Martin Hill, Director of Marketing, Pradco Outdoor Brands – Hunting Division. As with the original Moultrie Mobile app, version 2.0 retains battery status, data usage and camera settings.

For more information and to download the app, visit www.moultriefeeders.com

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