Karen Hunter: Alien Gear Universal Grip Tuck Holster Review

Taking the time to discuss one single holster may seem like overkill to some. However, the Grip Tuck holster from Alien Gear is well deserving of the spotlight. Alien Gear has achieved with this holster what many competing companies have tried to do but not nearly as well. The Grip Tuck isn’t just “another holster”.

Having a good holster as a part of your EDC (Everyday Carry) rig is crucial. No matter how amazing your firearm may be, if your holster is lacking in quality, dependability or safety presenting your firearm with speed and efficiency could be a major problem. If safety is lacking to the point that trigger guard protection is affected this could bring life altering ramifications. Therefore, honest gear reviews are so important to keep up with. With the Grip Tuck holster from Alien Gear all the above problems mentioned are absolute non-issues.

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grip tuck

The Grip Tuck holster is universal, meaning this holster can be used for multiple guns of similar size. This gives you a one holster solution versus obtaining a fitted holster for each individual gun. The outer portion of the holster boasts a grippy, textured material that literally grabs fabric for a secure hold. In the video included here on GetZone.com, you will see my repetition of drawing my gun and reholstering. Notice how I have everything a bit loose. My belt is not drawn tight and you can see the holster printing below my waistline. This was intentional as I wanted to truly test the grip factor of this holster. As you can see in the video the holster does not move at all. The Grip Tuck truly lives up to its name. This makes pocket carry a little more secure if you choose to carry this way. For IWB (Inside Waist Band) you will notice on the holster three holes that can be utilized with Alien Gear’s toolless belt clips. With adjustable ride height and cant, each person is sure to find a position and fit that best suits them with minimal printing and comfort. The holsters shell is made from high-density neoprene so it’s soft and comfortable enough to wear yet durable enough so that the trigger is well protected and will not be manipulated.

The Grip Tuck holster differs from other soft holsters as it keeps an almost hardened form. This is due to the thermoplastic elastomer which is a strong yet reliable material. The TPE provides a rigid barrier that lies between the neoprene shell, the grippy outer material and the trigger guard. This brings the quality of the Grip Tuck very near to the trigger guard protection you will find with other leather or polymer holsters.  You’ll find easier draw and insertion with the unique slide cut-out which also helps give this holster a broader spectrum of pistols to hold. Only adding to this holster’s awe factor is the ease of care. The Grip Tuck can be hand washed and air dried or machine washed on gentle cycle and dried on a low heat setting. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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During my T&E, I carried my Zev 19 non-stop and found it to be one of the most comfortable holsters I’ve used thus far. Soft, yet it doesn’t lose its shape or form. I also found it to be very lightweight and with the adjustable ride height and cant printing was a non-issue. If you order one, make sure you order the correct size. The Grip Tuck comes is size specific not gun specific, so choosing the right size is important. The MSRP falls right under $34.00 and includes the offer Alien Gear gives each customer, a 30-day test drive. This means you get 30 days to try the holster and if it’s not quite what works for you, you can either switch it out or get your money back. As with all their products, should you decide to keep it you can rest easy with their lifetime guarantee. No risk, competitive price, this is pretty much a no brainer with obtaining what I consider to be an excellent holster.

Karen Hunter, GetZone.com Contributor

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