Karen Hunter: How to Off-Body Carry

The number of people choosing to carry off-body is rising. I firmly believe that on-body carry is the most efficient and effective carry option as the firearm is on your person and much easier to access. That said, I do realize everyone is different and there are times when off-body carry may be your only option. Choosing to carry off-body requires an even higher level of responsibility and consciousness. Before you choose this option it’s imperative to train and educate yourself on some very key points.

First and foremost, the bag always needs to be with you. This is a loaded firearm that you are carrying off your body so there is no room for mistakes. It can not be left beside a chair, in a grocery cart, beside your lounge chair at the pool or unattended in any manner. Doing so only invites disaster. It’s imperative to remain in constant control so that the wrong hands do not access it. Someone like a small child or a threat with ill intentions.

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Just because you have a gun in your bag doesn’t mean you’re automatically safe and ready to go. In the event a threat surfaces you may only have seconds to present and run your gun. You need to be able to access your gun quickly and effectively. This means you must train and practice with whatever product you’re utilizing. Dryfiring, practicing your draw and incorporating your chosen product will help you build confidence and speed. It will also help you determine where your gun should be positioned to enable ease of draw and orientation. The last thing anyone wants is to be fumbling for their gun when they really need it.

I’ve chosen three companies to offer as great examples for off-body carry products. These companies have a wide variety of products to choose from, even for on-body carry. These companies truly stand out as they all put a huge emphasis on safety, especially trigger guard safety. Each company incorporates a separate compartment for only a firearm with a removable firm shell/holster that gives you trigger guard protection as well as having the ability to orient your gun for your own individualized draw. The following three products are ones that I have spent a great deal of time testing and evaluating and all three are solid in what the company claims.Karen Hunter: How-to Off-Body Carry

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Tactica Executive Concealed Carry Purse. This is a soft sided handbag with it’s own firearm compartment. This compartment has to zippers giving you a right or left-handed option for drawing your gun. A locking feature enables you to lock your firearm adding a layer of protection from others who may try to access this. A detachable shoulder strap gives you the option for cross body carry and it’s also adjustable.


Del Holster Handbag. This bag is full grain leather, and I’ll be honest – it smells amazing! It also has its own firearm compartment that locks. This bag is firm and maintains its shape allowing for a comfortable draw and also ease of draw. An adjustable leather stray allows for crossbody carry, combined with the purse design this allows you to orient the purse in the most optimal position for a very quick draw. This bag comes in black, tan or brown.

Another product worth checking out from Galco is their Carrysafe Gen 2. This is an Elasticized nylon holster that attaches to a backing plate with Velcro. This is not intended to be used with a belt, but instead to clip into a purse or bag to give you a very safe way to off-body carry or carry a backup weapon. It even has a place for a spare magazine which has scored major points with me!


This is a brand-new company to hit the concealed carry world and they’re doing so in a big way. Not only do their products provide a safe way to carry but also incorporate body armor with backpacks, laptop bags, purses and more. Asfaleia has products for men, women and children giving you a wide variety of options and even protective options for those not of age for a firearm. This armor enables what you’re carrying to be utilized as a shield if needed.  Two things that stood out to me were the slash proof shoulder straps and the magnetic CCW closure pocket.

The straps being slash proof obviously provides another layer of protection when it comes to retaining your weapon. The magnetic closure ccw pocket is its own separate compartment with a hard-shell holster that you can adjust to your own desired carry position for right or left-handed draws. Asfaleia states that, “this design will help to overcome the adrenaline effect which causes people to fumble when it comes to enclosures, zippers etc.” The magnetic enclosure is quite fast in comparison to other products even allowing for a one-handed draw if needed. It does not have a locking mechanism so this means you really should orient this bag to the front of our body where your firearm pocket is always in view.

These are just three examples from three companies who are definitely at the top of their field. Each company has more to offer in the concealed carry realm and they are worth checking into has solid contenders for your concealed carry needs.

No matter what product you choose, the most important thing to remember is to train. Train, train and train some more. Just having a gun in your bag doesn’t mean you’re automatically protected. This only means you have a chance or possibility of survival should a treat present itself. Having a firearm combined with proper training and genuine practice really changes the game, and in your favor.

Karen Hunter, GetZone.com Contributor

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