Karen Hunter’s 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for the special mom in your life can be a difficult task. There is no way we could ever sum up into one gift how special she is or thank her for everything she does. We can, however, make her feel loved and special by remembering her special day. I have put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide to give you some unique ideas for the special Mom in your life. Gifts are a wonderful way to make someone feel special, but even more than that is the gift of time spent, which is priceless to every Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

1. The Vida from Cameleon Handbags

The Vida Bag is a new release for 2021 and currently on my very own wish list. The Vida is genuine Pebble Grain Leather with a tritone twill webbing shoulder strap. All Cameleon handbags have a dedicated compartment for concealed carry, which is crucial with off body carry. These bags are simply gorgeous and will work for anyone, even if they do not carry a firearm.  The Vida is available in mustard and black with an MSRP of 179.99

2. The Nexbelt

One of the more difficult things to find for concealed carry is a great belt. Especially when you want something stylish and rigid enough to hold your rig. Nexbelt has the solution. This is a patent pending design that works like a ratchet belt, but even better as it utilizes screws and not pins. This creates a much more durable and reliable belt. There are endless designs and styles, while even offering the option of customization giving you your choice of buckle and strap. At just under fifty dollars a belt, this is a gift you cannot go wrong with. 

3. Alexo Athletica Carry Joggers

These are one of my favorites! These joggers are figure flattering, and versatile. The Carry Joggers are not anything like sweatpants, so they can be dressed up or down. Like all Alexo products, they have built-in holsters for carrying concealed in several positions. If you were not aware, Alexo now has the Alexo Outlet. Her you will find discounted merchandise up to 70% off.  This is an excellent way to stock up on quality carrywear. 

4. Valkyrie Field Pant from Kadri Clothing

I have my own pair of Valkyrie Field Pants and I can assure you they are worth every penny. These field and tactical pants are designed for absolute comfort and function.  Kadri has addressed so many issues with women’s pants today. From eleven functional pockets, to creating a perfect fit, you would be hard pressed to find anything better. Kadri was created by women for women, in fact- designed by two veteran SOF females who know all too well what women need in this arena. The unique feature is the sizing (WHVR) Matrix. It’s an exclusive new sizing system that provides a customizable fit utilizing three points of measurement–waist, hip, and inseam. These pants offer all the functionality required for the adventure-tactical woman and outdoor enthusiast with the proper fit and a durable design. 

5. ETS Speedloader

Loading ammunition is not fun for anyone, but especially if you are trying to save your manicure. The ETS speedloader saves time and prevents “mag thumb”.  I love mine as it is one of those little things in life that’s convenient and just nice to have. Just remember to throw in a box of ammo with this gift as well, it’s just the nice thing to do. 

6. Joe Wall Jewelry

There are a lot of companies making jewelry with a firearm or ammunition theme. But no one has accomplished what Joe Wall has. Joe Wall has managed to capture the heart and soul of the firearm industry and combine it with tasteful elegance. Every woman loves jewelry, and to be able to combine that with her passion for firearms in such an exquisite way is amazing. 

  • Joe Wall is a luxury brand that uses fine metals in their jewelry such as Sterling Silver, gold, and Platinum.  They offer both Naturally mined as well as Lab-grown Diamonds and Gemstones 
  • Right now you can use the code MOM15 for 15% off of your purchase. 
  • Here are the products currently trending with Joe Wall:

7. Hellcat RDP WASP Package Newly Released

The Hellcat®, the highest capacity micro 9mm in the world, is now offered in the Rapid Defense    Package (RDP™) configuration. Paired with a HEX™ micro red dot and a Self-Indexing Compensator the Hellcat RDP delivers fast target acquisition and rapid, accurate follow-up shots. Also new on the Hellcat RDP is an optional ambidextrous manual safety and the Gen 2 trigger with enhanced ergonomics. This is a great EDC that has been designed to fit a variety of hands and work well for any shooter. Dependable and reliable, and I can personally tell you, its fun to shoot as well. 

8. Nighthawk Custom Counselor

If you really want to score some points with that special mom in your life, this firearm is a definite must have! The Nighthawk Custom Counselor. I own this gun and I can tell you it is an optimal choice for an EDC firearm as this is exactly what it has been designed for. Nighthawk Custom creates one of the most reliable and dependable firearms on the market today. Hand fit by one gunsmith, start to finish, not only ensures the highest level of quality craftsmanship, but also peace of mind that you have a firearm you can absolutely depend on. The counselor is lightweight and the perfect size for concealed carry. It is absolutely stunning and one of my favorite pistols. This is definitely a gift you can not go wrong with.

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