Karen Hunter’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2020

Shopping for Mother’s Day – whether it’s your mother or the special lady in your life – isn’t always easy. Trying to find a gift to show our appreciation for everything she’s done for us can be frustrating to say the least. I’ve put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide to offer some assistance. Here is a list of some of my favorite products any woman in the 2A or outdoor arena would love. From budget friendly items to higher end choices I’ve made sure to put a variety of products on the list to accommodate anyone shopping for that special mom in their life.

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Emily Valentine is the queen of combining of helping self-reliant women conceal carry without sacrificing their own personal style. Her blog can be found at www.stylemetactical.com . Valentine has a “shop” section with products that are edgy, trendy and elegant. The Lipstick and Reload Pouch retails for $24.99. This pouch is perfect for storing everyday essentials or items needed for a trip to the range.  With summer coming soon I thought her Gun Vibes Only muscle tee would be a great addition to any warm weather wardrobe. At $34.99 this stylish statement will definitely add some stylish tactical flare. Lastly, Valentine offers one of the most elegant ways to enjoy your morning cup of joe with her Gun Snob mug. My favorite is the white and gold, but it’s also available in a matte black and white finish for $24.99.

Every woman loves a great pair of leggings! Amy Robbins broke the glass ceiling with her company Alexo Athletica bringing women a way to stay active and armed with her carry leggings. My favorite is her newest edition, the Dark Knight Camo Leggings. These leggings offer a multitude of pockets to carry all everyday essentials plus built into the waistband are holsters in various positions to literally carry a firearm. These are my go-to leggings for a day of range training, any outdoor activity, exercising or simply lounging around at home – a very versatile Mother’s Day gift! Comfortable, practical and useful, these leggings have bridged the gap in staying vigilantly prepared no matter what you’re doing. MSRP is $99.00, keep an eye out as Alexo is often having a sale.

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Most of us have seen clear magazines somewhere along the way. Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) has some of the best on the market. In addition to their magazines they have one of the most efficient magazine loaders you could find, the ETS speedloader. This wonderful invention is helping many by enabling a much faster and more practical way to load your magazines with ammunition, eliminating magthumb and the pain and irritation that goes with the dreaded chore of loading your magazines. Not to mention, for the ladies it absolutely saves your manicure. ETS magazine loaders are universal, fitting most handguns and AR magazines and cost approximately $29.99.

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Women know that the biggest issue we face with “in the field” jobs or any type of physical training, especially with firearms, is pants! Pockets are not efficient, and sizing is always an issue. Say hello to the answer for all women, the Valkyrie Field Pantsby Kadri. This adventure/tactical clothing by Kadri is designed for women, by women; two veteran SOF’s to be specific. These women know that no two women are shaped the same. Kadri’s sizing matrix is revolutionary allowing up to 72 different sizing combinations. I love these pants as they have 11 functional pockets and they are squat proof, leaving zero back gap even without a belt. These pants allow women to go with a hip size up to two sizes larger than the waist. The run with an MSRP of $220.00, which to some may sound a little high but these are more than just pants, I consider them part of my gear and the cost is worth it to have quality gear enabling me to function at my best.

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T-shirts!! Everyone loves a good t-shirt and at www.kickinbrass.com there is a multitude to choose from fitting a wide range of personalities. My favorite is the “Ain’t Pepper Sprayin’” tee. These tees run right around $26.99 and are soft, comfortable and great quality. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a veteran owned company such as this one. Great customer service and a passion for our 2A community is what you get with Kickin Brass.

For those who have a reason to off-body carry I’d recommend the Del Holster Handbag from Galco Gunleather. This bag has an MSRP of $340.00 and is full grain leather. It comes in brown or black with a separate zippered compartment for a firearm that locks if you so desire. This is a cross-body design which is what I favor as it allows you to position the bag in an optimal carry position for a faster draw. Well made and designed with safety in mind, this handbag is a wonderful option for anyone choosing to carry off-body.

Of course, I’m tossing a couple of firearms onto this list, after all, it’s what I do. The Mossberg MC1sc is a great gun for concealed carry. The weather is getting warmer which means clothes will be lighter and a bit less. For some people this causes stress when concealing a firearm. The MC1sc is a great option as it’s smaller, has smooth and rounded edges along with snag free sights. The MC1sc is a subcompact 9mm gun that comes with Mossberg’s Clear-Count polymer 6 round flush-fit and 7 round extended magazines. It also has Mossberg’s patented STS, Safe Takedown System which allows the user ease of cleaning and disassembly without having to pull the trigger. The MSRP for the MC1sc is right around $421.00.

If you’re wanting to impress her with clothing, Kryptek is the way to go. From the battlefield to the backcountry they have it all. For women they have a variety of pants, jackets, shirts and more to accommodate needs ranging from hunting to tactical. I personally love the womens’s Kryptek Artemis Vest. This vest is lightweight, insulated, water resistant and comfortable. For me this has been an answer to prayer to have functional clothing that allows me to train without getting in my way. This vest retails for $119.00.

Chocolate is timeless and a Mother’s Day gift you can’t go wrong with, especially when they’re shaped like little mini chocolate guns! Cindy’s Gun Sweets is the cutest chocolate I’ve ever seen! Cindy ships all over the United States and at $19.95 a box everyone should be getting a box for their mama!

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For those that have a little more room in their budget, the Heinie Lady Hawk 2.0 from Nighthawk Custom is a sure fire way to gain favorite child status from mom. This 1911 is a 9mm with a forged commander size frame and a 4.25” barrel. The finish consists of DLC with Rose Gold TiCN on the controls and barrel The grips are composed of breathtaking materials such as Obsidian, Abalone and Zin. The Lady Haw 2.0 is a tack driving stunner with a host of specs that I don’t have enough room to write about. Yes, the MSRP is $4,699.00, but what’s a few thousand in comparison to all that your mother has done for you?

I hope there was something in this gift guide that might help you in your quest for the perfect gift. Gifts aside, the most important thing to remember is timespent. If there is a special mom that is in your life, over anything, give her the gift of your time and attention. Good Mothers can be hard to find, so if you have one, above all else, cherish her. Happy Mother’s Day!

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