Kickin’ Brass App: Virtual Firearm Competitions

There’s literally an app for almost every facet of our lives. You name the need and more than likely, there’s an app for it. Now, thanks to Gunsmith Nation, LLC, there is finally a firearms app developed by real shooters called Kickin’ Brass. The app not only helps you maintain organization but also provides ways to statistically track your results to improve your skills. Additionally, it connects you with other shooters around the world for some friendly, virtual competition.

Kickin’ Brass is by far the most user-friendly gun range app out on the market today. This app provides a very straightforward design and menu that is pretty kickin' brasssimple to navigate. Although this app is packed full of great features, one of my favorites would be the ability to compete with friends. This is the only app that allows you to test your skills at the range against anyone. You can actually set up a competition and compare targets. Being interactive and having the ability to challenge other shooters anytime, anywhere – is definitely going to bring a spirit of healthy, friendly competition to the range. There are a lot of people who simply don’t make time for live fire at the range like they should, so this app is a wonderful way to motivate each other to do so.

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In addition to real life firearm competitions this app has several other great features as well. I’m very drawn to the personal armory. Here you can inventory each and every single firearm you have by manufacturer, model, caliber and even upload a photo. You can track how many rounds have been fired from it with the date, while also keeping track of when you clean it. In addition to firearms you can inventory your ammunition as well. This is a powerful way to stay organized with your firearms with a very user-friendly interface.

Other features include:

  • Pictures of targets with details of guns used, ammo and date.
  • Charts to track your progress by firearm and ammo.
  • Statistical data to help improve accuracy and technique.
  • Track ammo usage.
  • Many new features coming soon!

Even more impressive than the app itself, is the company; I’ve had the honor of getting to know the President of Gunsmith Nation LLC, Gaspare J. Marturano. “We are Veteran-owned and operate six unique brands with the Kickin’ Brass App being one of those brands. We sell pro-American and firearm-related apparel, software, accessories and services. We focus on producing high-quality products and software, and providing exceptional customer service. Every engagement with our brands is an exceptional experience from start to finish,” said Marturano.

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This company is a classic example of being led by the heart over money with a rare “pay it forward” mentality. Currently we are all in a crisis that is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Many companies are exploiting this by making money from it in one way or another. Marturano is different, instead of making money off his app, currently it is free to download. “We were charging for the app, but America is hurting right now, and there’s tough economic times ahead for everyone. My partners and I decided to offer the Kickin’ Brass App for free. Not some trial version, but the full app. We will evaluate things in a couple of months and convert back to a paid app at some point. For now, we are glad to give all those sitting at home something to tinker with while we have this lockdown, at no cost,” explained Marturano. So that means right now everyone can download Kickin’ Brass absolutely free. Currently the free download is available for iPhone and Android users.

When I asked Marturano about his opinion of the app he stated, “We are so proud of the Kickin’ Brass App. There are other apps on the market that are similar, but they’re clunky, and confusing. We wanted to develop something functional, easy to use and visually engaging. We hit the mark.” I would have to agree with Marturano there. I am thoroughly impressed with the Kickin’ Brass app and hope that many of you get as excited about it as I am. If you do download it, come find me and we’ll have a friendly competition! The more the merrier, especially when it comes to the range.

Karen Hunter, Contributor

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