SOOTCH REVIEW: Kimber KDS9C Rail Double Stacked 1911

Sootch unveils the new Kimber KDS9C rail double stacked 1911, exploring both its precision engineering and innovative features. With its double-stacked magazine and 1911-inspired design, the Kimber KDS9C offers a unique blend of capacity and classic style. The handgun’s compact frame and rail system enhance stability and provide ample space for accessories.

The Kimber KDS9C Rail Double Stacked 1911 stands out as a modern interpretation of the classic 1911 platform. Boasting a double-stacked magazine, the KDS9C offers increased capacity without sacrificing the iconic 1911 design. Its sleek profile and ergonomic grip make it a comfortable and practical choice for shooters. Featuring a rail system, the Kimber KDS9C provides versatility for attaching accessories such as lights or lasers. This added functionality enhances the handgun’s adaptability for various shooting scenarios. With its compact frame, the KDS9C is easy to conceal for everyday carry while still offering a confident grip and stable shooting platform.

The Kimber KDS9C is equipped with a smooth trigger pull and crisp reset, enabling precise shot placement and quick follow-up shots. Whether for self-defense or range use, the KDS9C delivers reliable performance and accuracy. Its combination of modern features and classic styling cements its reputation as a top choice among compact handguns.

With its aluminum frame and G10 grips, the Kimber KDS9C Rail Double Stacked 1911 offers durability and comfort in equal measure. The handgun features a 4.09 inch barrel length and an overall length of 7.75 inches, providing a balance between compactness and shootability. Additionally, the KDS9C is chambered in 9mm, making it accessible to a wide range of shooters. Its weight of 30.3/29.6 ounces ensures manageable recoil, while the 15/18 round capacity of its double-stacked magazine offers ample firepower. These specifications contribute to the KDS9C’s reputation as a reliable and versatile handgun suitable for both concealed carry and range use.


CAPACITY:  15+1 and 18+1 (double-stacked magazines)
BARREL LENGTH: 4.09 inches
OVERALL LENGTH: 7.75 inches
FRAME MATERIAL: 7075 Aluminum
GRIP MATERIAL: Gray and Black Crosshatch Cut G-10
WEIGHT WITHOUT MAGAZINE: 18 Rd- 30.3 ounces / 15 Rd- 29.6 ounces
TRIGGER: Factory Setting (approximate pounds): 3.5-4.5 lbs
RAIL SYSTEM: Picatinny
SIGHTS: Rear Truglo Night Sight And Accompanying Front Night Sight

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