Laser Ammo Laser Training System – Sootch00 Review

Laser Ammo offers several different laser training systems to allow you to train with your firearm at home. With high ammunition costs, range fees, and time constraints, Laser Ammo Training Systems are a great way to improve your skill safely.

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The SURESTRIKE is an excellent system to start with; it is simple, your targets are included, you can use your pistol, and you can move up to different interactive systems. This training system gives you the ability to train with any handgun chambered in, .45, .40, 9mm, and .223. It’s passive, simple, and a great way to get started.

The LaserPetII from Laser Ammo is a personal electronic target with six modes and five different targets. It takes two AAA batteries and comes with a tripod so you can adjust the height or wherever you are setting it. All of the modes give you different modes of training. The first mode is a shot counter and allows you to hit the target. Program two randomly sets a timer, so you have to draw and fire when the timer goes off. Program 3 gives you 4 seconds to get as many shots on target as possible. Program 4, is a double-tap, two shots, and you can get your split times. Program 5, 6 is made for drawing your firearm and changing magazines. There are so many different things you can do with the LaserPetII. The great thing is it does not need an app.

The Glock C02 airsoft gun is another Laser Ammo Training system to help you train. This airsoft gun has a laser system set up and is just like a Glock 17. Using the C02 actuates the action, and when you pull the trigger, the slide goes back.

The Laser Ammo Interactive Multi-Target Training System comes with five different bases with four target choices. The bases are activated by the laser and can communicate with each other. The primary stand-alone mode has no communication between the three. In the steel plate mode, the lights go out when you hit the target in sequence. The third mode is chase the ball, and it is a random sequence. Mode four is shoot or no shoot. It starts with green to shoot it, and when it turns red, it is a no-shoot. It is random and changes around. The fifth mode is shoot no shoot, but double speed and will test your skill. It is a great system that is a lot of fun. You can use your existing firearm or C02. You use this system with the whole family.

If you are looking to up your training and find yourself short on time or ammo, I highly recommend Laser Ammo and all of their systems.

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Laser Ammo Laser Training System

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