Last Minute Hunting Gear: 18 Items You Can Still Get

Dustin Prievo, Contributor

hunting gear

As the season begins to unfold and deer hunters are getting ready throughout the nation, the store shelves begin to fill back up with hunting gear because “they” know we forgot to get something or a bunch of something’s for hunting season. Whether you are online shopping for the best deals or getting lost in the sporting section of Wal-Mart, here are some wants and needs the deer hunter for 2018.

I had to stop myself at 18 pieces of cool gear. In reality, this could have been 100 and possibly more. Here are some really awesome items and new hunting gear for 2018.

For anyone who likes to go off the grid, this is your ticket. Camping, hiking, hunting or fishing, the Garmin inReach Mini is a great tool to help you stay connected outside of cell communication. The palmed size satellite communicator is packed with features but without the bulk and weight of your ordinary satellite communicator. Send and receive texts through satellite, track and share your journey, and if needed, trigger the SOS alert to provide you with 24/7 emergency services. If you plan to go off the grid, have a family and want to stay connected, this might be the best gift you could give yourself.

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