Leviathan Ragnarok 4.5″ AR Pistol Sootch00 Review

The Leviathan Defense Ragnarok with a 4.5″ Barrel and Micro Gas system AR Pistol Review. This is produced by White Label Armory and a compact package.

DRG Manufacturing has been producing AR-15 parts for the industry for a number of years. Whether it’s the barrel, bolt, bolt carrier, upper and lower receiver, or handguards, they make it. DRG has begun to sell to the civilian market through White Label Armory.

Recently, Leviathan Group commissioned their own AR-15 called the Ragnarok. The Leviathan Ragnarok is an AR-15 pistol and a very short package. There are a large number of features and configurations for the Ragnarok.

The Leviathan Ragnarok was invented as a bug out gun. It is compact and still has a lot of power.

The Ragnarok uses the thirty round L5 Lancer Magazine with steel feed lips. The magazines are excellent quality and look great on the Ragnarok. The magwell is flared allowing for the magazine to be put in quickly.

Before we get into features, I want to mention that the barrel is extremely short for 5.56 rounds. Typically, short barrels have problems with reliability. One of the things with this rifle however, straight from the box, is that we never had any problems with reliability. The Ragnarok has a 4.5 inch barrel with 1:7 twist and is nitride treated with a micro gas system. One of the problems with the shorter barrel is that you aren’t going to get a lot of the velocities that you would normally get with a longer barrel.

The AR-15 pistol has a 7 inch handguard that is M-LOK compatible. Your Picatinny rail on top has relief cuts along with the rest of the guard allowing the pistol to be lightweight.

The upper and lower receiver are 70-75 T6 Aluminum and are a billet upper and lower that match. The gun has a dust cover and extended mag release that pops out making it easy to eject the magazine. The body also has an ambidextrous bolt stop and ambidextrous selector switch that does have a relief cut. 

The charging handle is extended with a lever which is a little better than your standard mil spec. The extension really helps when you have optics on your AR. The bolt release is threaded so you can just thread in your pin instead of driving a roll pin through.

The SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace is adjustable and has a MIL spec buffer tube.

The Leviathan Ragnarok has a Magpul MIAD grip. On the bottom of the grip is a little latch that when un done reveals the cleaning oil for the gun.

Thanks to Fiocchi Ammunition for sponsoring this test. 

Taking the Ragnarok Leviathan out to the range was a lot of fun. We were able to shoot a lot of rounds with no malfunctions. It was actually somewhat surprising. 

With the 4.5 inch barrel, you are not going to be using all of the power from the 5.56 ammunition. If you are looking for an AR-15 pistol that gives you more power, Leviathan creates a large number of models through White Label Armory similar to the Ragnarok. If you are looking for a pistol that will give you more distance, the Ragnarok isn’t the configuration that you want. You are probably going to want to look at getting a barrel that is around 10 inches instead of the 4.5 that you get with this.

With the short barrel the accuracy was good from fifty yards. Again, if you are looking at getting greater range, you are going to need to extend the barrel.

White Label Armory does produce all of their parts including the bolts and bolt carriers. The bolt carrier is an M-16 carrier and is built the way that the AR-15 was designed. It is very slick and light and works great in the Ragnarok. The firing pin is stainless steel and the bolt is carpenter 158 steel. All of the pieces have a nitride finish on them following the rest of the gun.

The trigger pull action is very smooth and has a nice crisp break. The trigger pull weight is 4lbs 11.6oz.

The gun comes in on the premium side. All of the parts are high quality and come with a cost. On the White Label Armory website, the Ragnarok’s price is $1,625.

There are pros and cons of the Ragnarok. The short barrel makes the gun super compact, which is the appeal of the Ragnarok. On the ballistics side, the gun does suffer. The short barrel hurts the range and doesn’t give you the same power that you would get when firing a longer barrel AR-15. The pistol is very reliable, but it does get dirty quickly. The Ragnarok is an excellent truck gun and self-defense firearm especially for up close and personal.

“Be Strong, Be of Good Courage, God Bless American, Long Live the Republic.” – Sootch00

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We appreciate White Label Armory and Leviathan Defense for sending the Ragnarok for the review. The standard AR-15 parts and accessories are very reasonable on their website and worth checking out. https://www.whitelabelarmory.com/

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