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SHOT SHOW 2024, LAS VEGAS, NV – Step into the world of long guns with the Long Guns edition of “What’s Hot at SHOT,” hosted by IV8888. This special long guns edition invites you to explore the cutting-edge innovations and top-notch firearms showcased at SHOT Show 2024. From precision rifles to tactical shotguns, IV8888 is set to unveil the hottest and most exciting long guns on the market. Whether you’re an avid shooter or simply passionate about firearms, join us as we delve into the world of long guns and discover the next generation of firepower.

Mossberg Thunder Ranch Series

Mossberg Thunder Ranch Series SHOT Show 2024

The Mossberg Thunder Ranch Series is a collection of shotguns designed for exceptional performance and reliability. Crafted with precision and versatility in mind, these shotguns are ideal for various applications, from home defense to sporting use. With Mossberg’s commitment to excellence, the Thunder Ranch Series offers shooters a range of high-quality options to enhance their shooting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time buyer, explore the reliability and performance that define Mossberg’s Thunder Ranch Series shotguns.

Smith & Wesson Model 1854

Smith & Wesson Model 1854 Shot Show 2024

Another strong addition to the SHOT Show 2024 Long Guns Round-Up is the Smith & Wesson Model 1854, a distinguished firearm that combines classic design with modern functionality. This revolver pays homage to Smith & Wesson’s rich history while incorporating contemporary features for enhanced performance. With a timeless appearance and reliable craftsmanship, the Model 1854 is a testament to the brand’s legacy of quality firearms. Whether you’re a collector or a shooter seeking a blend of tradition and innovation, the Smith & Wesson Model 1854 offers a unique and compelling addition to your firearm collection.

Savage Arms Impulse KLYM

Explore the accuracy and flexibility of the Savage Arms Impulse KLYM. This rifle blends advanced technology with careful craftsmanship to give you excellent precision. You can customize it easily because of its modular design, adjusting it to suit different shooting styles. With the well-known AccuTrigger, the Savage Arms Impulse KLYM guarantees a clear and precise trigger pull, ensuring your shots are consistently on target. Whether you’re into competitive shooting or enjoy long-range shooting, this rifle provides the performance and flexibility you need. Enhance your shooting enjoyment with the Savage Arms Impulse KLYM, where innovation meets precision.

Panzer Arms M4 Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun

The Panzer Arms M4 Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun is an 18-inch semi-automatic powerhouse. Engineered for versatility and reliability, this shotgun combines a tactical design with semi-auto functionality. Whether for home defense or sporting purposes, the Panzer Arms M4 Tactical delivers consistent performance. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, this shotgun offers a balance of power and control. Elevate your shooting experience with the Panzer Arms M4 Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun, a dependable and effective firearm for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Henry Lever Action Supreme Rifle

Scheduled to be available for purchase in the next few months, meet the Henry Lever Action Supreme Rifle. This new rifle from Henry Repeating Arms combines classic lever-action design with supreme craftsmanship. It assures accuracy and performance with a butter-smooth action. The American walnut stock and forend add to the rifle’s overall appeal. It’s chambered for .223 and .300 Blackout. The Henry Lever Action Supreme Rifle is an exciting offering for firearm fans loving tradition and quality craftsmanship.

HM Defense HM50BMG

Explore the HM Defense HM50B in the SHOT Show 2024 Long Guns Round-Up. This 50 BMG rifle combines accuracy, easy maintenance, and dependability. It features a 29.25-inch barrel with a 1:15 twist ratio and a 1”-14 TPI muzzle thread for precision. The rifle includes a match-grade barrel, CNC-machined 1913 Picatinny free-floated billet rail, and a 7075-T6 billet upper receiver for durability. With a left bolt/right ejection port design, 10-round magazine, target trigger, RGO Tactical Super Ambi Grip, Accu-Tac HD-50 bipod, and Magpul PRS Gen3 Adjustable Stock, the HM50B is a versatile firearm weighing 29.5 pounds, perfect for various applications.


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