Maggie’s Minutes Presented by Ruger: Establish Grip

April 23, 2021

Whenever I set my firearm down on the table, whether it’s for the start of a competition or because I’ve unloaded it for safety reasons, I want to set the firearm down in such a way that I can easily reacquire my grip when I pick it back up. So for me, as a right-handed shooter, I set it down in such a way that it’s oriented to immediately go into my hand. I can flip it up, wrap up high underneath the beavertail, wrap my fingers around, keeping my pointer finger extended outside of the trigger guard. I’ve got a good grip established from the beginning.Then I grab my magazine, and again using my pointer finger, push into the mag well and then I can re-establish my grip from there. Now, I practice this a lot in dry fire, because I want to be able to do it quickly. That’s the ultimate goal – to get back on target! So use this as one of the things that you practice in dry fire.

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Maggie’s Minutes Presented by Ruger

Professional shooter and Ruger brand Ambassador Maggie Reese Voight shares her favorite quick range tips and drills for new and experienced shooters alike!