Maggie’s Minutes Presented by Ruger: Mag Load

A quick tip when you’re first learning how to shoot and loading up that magazine – it can be difficult! I guide the first round in with  my thumb and my pointer finger on my strong hand. Now, the first round is pretty easy, it’s the second round that becomes more difficult. So, I’m going to use the non-dominant thumb to push down and release tension on the round that is already in the magazine, and then again, using my finger and my thumb, guide it into the magazine. Now, as I continue to load more rounds, the spring tension inside of the magazine can make it difficult to go on. That’s where a handy little tool comes in! This is called an UpLula and you can place it over the magazine and use it to release the tension of the spring inside, and it’s much easier to load that way. Regardless of what method you use, it’s definitely something that you should practice if you ever need to load your magazine in a hurry!

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Maggie’s Minutes Presented by Ruger

Professional shooter and Ruger brand Ambassador Maggie Reese Voight shares her favorite quick range tips and drills for new and experienced shooters alike!

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