Maggie’s Minutes Presented by Ruger: PC Carbine Customization

The Ruger PC Carbine is fast becoming one of the most popular firearms in the Shooting Sports. It is so fun just to take out to the range and plink away, but great for competition as well. This offering from Ruger has a lot of different features that really make it easy to customize it for you, your body shape, your body type and your skill level. First off, you’ve got a collapsible stock, so you can really adjust it for your length of pull. And you can swap some things around, you can swap the charging handle on either side, as well as the magazine release button. Another cool feature of the PC Carbine is the magazine well insert. It comes ready to go with Ruger magazines, but you can easily swap it out yourself to go with GLOCK magazines. Lots of cool things to really make it your own, personal firearm!

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Maggie’s Minutes Presented by Ruger

Professional shooter and Ruger brand Ambassador Maggie Reese Voight shares her favorite quick range tips and drills for new and experienced shooters alike!

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