Man fights for his life after a 24-foot Anaconda bites down on his arm

Anacondas are terrifying snakes. They’re not poisonous but they have incredible strength and size so they’re extremely good at constricting their prey and crushing it until it’s dead. That means the anaconda has to be able to grab, hold and bite down hard on anything it thinks is a meal. In Brazil, this 24-foot anaconda wandered into a major city area after it couldn’t find food in its natural territory. Once security guards arrived to remove it (presumably before it ate a small child) one of them lost their grip on its head and it manged to clamp it’s entire mouth around his forearm. The other guards tried to pry the mouth open but even the strength of 3 men couldn’t do it! What he didn’t know was that the key to survival here is to stick your hand even further down the anaconda’s mouth so it’s hooked teeth will lose their grip. Once they finally free him they can safely remove the snake.

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