Man Slams Into 20+ Point Buck With Car, But While Seeking Help Another Man Tags the Buck

If you hit a deer with your car, does that automatically make you the owner of the dead deer?

Not necessarily. Here’s a story from the Star Tribune that sparked a debate and feud as to who is the rightful owner of road-kill.

A 20+point monstrous buck got struck and killed by a 2002 Chevy Astro on Thanksgiving night by Schuck, a 61 year old hunter driving home to Shell Lake, Wis.

“The buck turned his head and looked at me as I hit him, right in the middle of the road,” Schuck said. “He totaled my van. But I never took my foot off the foot-feed. I kept going until I came to a driveway a couple miles up the road, and pulled in for help.”

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“…The deer was roadkill,” he said. “I was more worried about my van. I also didn’t have a cellphone. That’s why I pulled into the driveway.” The people who’s driveway Schuck had just pulled in had just finished their Thanksgiving meal. But their relaxed state was over once Schuck described the incident and mentioned the deer he hit had ‘tall antlers’.

Schuck didn’t know he’d hit a famously pursued buck that had evaded local hunters for almost 2 years.

buck sparks controversy Image Source:, Jeff Lane

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Many locals stopped at the scene of the accident to view the dead big buck with its wildly asymmetrical antlers. One man in the crowd that had gathered said the buck had 26 measurable points, maybe 27. A Minnesota man that’s hunted in the area before had also stopped at the accident scene and assumed the monstrous buck had been abandoned. So while Schuck was seeking help from the Capra’s family for the heavy damage to his car, the Minnesota man claimed the buck by registering it by phone as roadkill with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Tempers rose and police were called in to settle the dispute.

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But the Police’s Conclusion is that you can’t register a deer twice. The deputy pointed to the Minnesota man and said, ‘This man has already registered it. It’s his.’ ”

To read the full story visit the StarTribute.

What do YOU think? Who should get the body of this monstrous 20+point buck?

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