In the News: Marine Rifle Squads To Use New M27

The U.S. Marine Corps is reducing the size of their squads by one Marine, arguing the new program provides much more firepower as well as increased situational awareness.

Under the new format, the squad will shrink to 12 and constrict the size of each fire team from four to three members. However, the number of M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle systems will increase as every member will now carry one, effectively tripling the current volume of fire available to the unit, according to officials.

The M27 has taken the place of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapons and will phase out the M4 rifles by 2020.

“Testing has also conclusively shown that the M249 is a ~12 MOA weapon; far less reliable, responsive, and has a slower rate of fire than our Automatic Rifle,” said then-CW5 Christian P. Wade, the 2nd Marine Division’s Gunner in speaking about the difference between the old SAW and the new IAR.

Check out the video above for full details & changes coming to the U.S. Marine Corps.

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