McMillan’s A-10 Rifle Stock is the Total Tactical Package

McMillan A-10 Rifle Stock

McMillan has unveiled the all-new A-10 rifle stock. This PRS-style tactical stock is designed for shooters of a smaller stature—ideal for youth and women shooters. The A-10 incorporates many features of McMillan’s popular tactical stocks but in a compact format to facilitate the ergonomic needs of smaller-frame shooters. It combines a thinner forearm reminiscent of the A3-5, a butt hook similar to the A-5, and the sleek lines of the A-6 into a well-balanced tactical package. The vertical grip is positioned further forward than other A-series stocks, which allows for a more relaxed 90-degree trigger finger placement due to the shorter trigger reach—perfect for shooters with smaller hands. The grip also features a small shelf that serves as a hand stop to assist in consistent hand placement and reduce fatigue. To further accommodate smaller-frame shooters, the adjustable buttstock can deliver a length-of-pull as short as 12 inches. An adjustable cheek riser ensures optimal head alignment.

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a-10 rifle stock

a-10 rifle stock

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