Meet The Williams Sisters: A Sizable Impact on the Competition Circuit

Who can outdraw Team Springfield Armory Captain Rob Leatham? Two young ladies, that’s who. At least they beat him on occasion and probably because he’s giving them plenty of tips.

But seriously, Team Springfield Captain Rob Leatham did score a big win when he spotted the two newest members of Springfield Armory’s shooting team. Seeing sisters Jalise and Justine Williams handling a pair of Springfield Armory XD(M)s like pros at the USPSA Nationals, Rob and Kippi Leatham immediately decided they needed to work with these young shooters. Now at the ripe old age of 13 and 12, they’re taking the shooting world by storm.

While the girls are tearing up stages in Three-Gun, USPSA and Steel Challenge, they’re also racking up straight-A report cards, dancing, reading, using their hard-earned black belt karate skills and doing a little motocross.

The sisters didn’t just stumble into their many sponsorships. Under the coaching of Glen Wong, they practice every other day during the school year and five days a week during the summer. At 200 rounds each per practice session, they’re getting serious trigger time.


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