Military Surplus Shovels From Around The World Sootch00 Review

It is really impressive to see how many different types of military surplus shovels are out there and how different militaries have come to choose the one that fits their culture and their part of the world.

The first shovel that we are going to look at is the United States Military shovel.  It is a foldable shovel that comes in a molded case. The shovel folds out and has a collar that attaches the handle to the spade. When you tighten that collar, it keeps the shovel stiff and doesn’t allow it to fold back down. They are made of steel and are extremely handy. You can keep them in small places, like your car, and use them whenever you want. At the front, there are saw blade-like serrations which allows the shovel to be used as a weapon if need be. The shovel is short, but works great especially when cutting through dirt.

The German folding shovel is almost identical to the US Military’s model. The German’s shovel is a very solid option. It unfolds just like the US shovel and is easy to use. The shovel comes in a flecktarn case with alice clips and a belt loop.

Next, we have the Swedish Military reproduction shovel. This shovel is also a folding shovel. Both the handle and spade are different. The handle is a t-handle and has a curve unlike the previous two. The blade is more rounded and does not have the serrations. This model does not come with a cover or case, but is still compact and able to fit in small places.

In World War II, the United States Military used a folding shovel that had a wooden handle, but was still foldable. It uses the collar to lock the blade in place similar to the new option. The blade is made of all steel and is very effective. You can buy them in a two pack but are worn because they are surplus from WWII.

Now we are going to take a look at some long, less compact, shovels.

First, we have the Czechoslovakian shovel. It has a wooden handle and is reinforced with a steel blade. The blade is more of a flat style than a curved but can really be great for what you need it to do.  

The East German shovel has a nice wooden handle with a curved blade at the end. This particular shovel comes in a two pack and they are both show wear from previous use.  There is a nail in the steel behind the blade to hold the blade to the handle.

East Germany is rich in coal. Because of this a coal shovel was made. The shovel has flat ends and is more rectangular than the previous blades. It is curved somewhat with a wooden handle and wooden t-handle at the end. The coal shovel doesn’t cut through the ground very easily, but you can use it for whatever you need.

The shovels are all under $45. Whether you are looking for a small portable shovel or a long, larger shovel, there is a shovel for you.

“Be Strong, Be of Good Courage, God Bless America, Long Live the Republic.” – Sootch00

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