More Tool Roll Bags For Organizing Your Gear! Sootch00 Review

I’ve become a really big fan of tool roll bags. Tool rolls where you can organize your gear because it’s so easy to pack everything in here, it stays secure because you roll it up and when you roll it out everything is right there in front of you. One thing that is different is going into the survival prepping world and even firearms and collections. We did a video on this tool roll bag a while back and the site got wiped out. A lot of people bought these and they ran out of stock. With that, they’ve introduced a new color – the FDE – the same dimensions and product. Roaring Fire also has some other great things coming – different sizes and different colors.

I’m going to share and show a few advantages of having a tool roll. It’s great to have your backpacks and your pouches, but if you want to keep everything really organized and lay everything out right in front of you, it’s hard to beat the tool roll bag. These are only $32.99 and you get a 10% discount on the Roaring Fire website. If you want to buy both as a bundle, you’ll get 15% off which is a really cool option.

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No need to use the code. The discount is automatically discount #ToolRoll #ArmadilloToollroll #Roaringfiregear
Single Tool Roll:
Bundle Two Rolls:
30% off the Ignite 45L Backpack:

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