Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical Holosun Combo Shotgun Review

The 940 Pro Tactical Holosun Combo Shotgun from Mossberg comes optic-ready, with receiver cuts that accept low-profile direct mounting of Shield RMSc-pattern micro dot sights for improved eye alignment and target acquisition.

Inside, you’ll find a durable gas system that allows for up to 1500 rounds between cleanings, and a host of corrosion-resistant internal parts/finishing (nickel boron-coated gas piston, magazine tube, hammer, and sear), plus an enlarged/beveled loading port, elongated elevator, and anodized follower for smooth operation. Outside, the adjustable stock allows for 1.75″ of LOP flexibility, the stock and streamlined forend feature Mossberg signature texturing for a secure grip, a barrel clamp provides accessory flexibility via M-LOK mounting slots, and a fiber optic front sight.

Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical Holosun Combo Shotgun review by Eric AKA: IraqVeteran8888 on GetZone

Altogether, these features and more are what make the 940 Pro Tactical attractive on paper but how does she run on the range? We sent IV8888 out to the range to find out!


GAUGE: 12 Gauge
USAGE: Security
CHOKE: Accu-Choke system – Cylinder Bore Choke Installed
LOP: 12.5″ – 14.25″
LOP TYPE: Adjustable
SIGHTS: Front FO; Holosun Micro Dot
STOCK: Adj LOP, Cast, Drop – Synthetic (Black)
WEIGHT: 7.5 pounds


  • Optic-Ready
  • Mounted Holosun HS407K
  • Clean-running Gas-vent System
  • Quick-empty Magazine Release
  • Adjustable Length of Pull
  • Drilled and Tapped Receiver
  • Adjustable for Drop at Comb/Cast
  • Fiber Optic Sight
  • Barrel Clamp with M-LOK mounting slots


This 940 is a sweet shotgun – you know we love the Mossberg 930 so we brought that along to do a little comparison of the two. They’re both gas-operated and relatively similar but they do have quite a few differences, which we’ll unpack today.

My first exposure to the 940 was Jerry Micheluk’s personal gun he brought down to shoot with us which was actually a prototype when Mossberg originally started the 940 JM line of shotguns. The Pro version has a lot of the refinements that Jerry has on his competition shotgun which is basically a selling point in and of itself.

Additionally, the 940 Pro Tactical has a nice nerling on the charging handle, a large tactical latch on the bolt release, a slimmer forend, and it’s definitely lightweight – it’s an extremely lightweight shotgun. Obviously, this model comes with a Holosun micro red dot mounted but the newer 940’s as well as the 590S are cut for optics mount. However, you can still mount a traditional rail on top if that’s what you prefer, the patterns for the holes are the same, you’ll just have the plate underneath, which is no big deal.

You do have a barrel clamp at the end that gives you a couple of M-LOK accessories slots on this gun, a fiber-optic sight on the front, and the 940 is threaded for different chokes. I do really like the low profile of the red dot on this particular shotgun, it’s pretty cool.


The length of pull on the 930 is about 14″ but with the 940 Tactical models, Mossberg wanted to give consumers the option to add spacers to the stock to get that length of pull out to where you need it. The option to fully adjust the stock is unquestionably a perk from a consumer standpoint, so it’s nice they included it in the 940.

Another key point on the 940 is a larger feeding port which really does allow your shells to load into the gun a lot better especially if you’re doing like a double stack reload you see some of the 3-gun shooters doing.

Overall, these details make the Mossberg 940 Tactical shotgun just a solid choice for shooters of all skill levels and certainly a shotgun you can grow with.


Not surprisingly, I pulled this firearm out of the box, threw a slug in it, put the dot right on the bolt at 25 yards, and hit the bolt with the first slug. Being zeroed in right out of the box is a level of detail that’s nice to see. I also appreciate the low profile of the red dot on the 940 Pro Tactical, it’s a nice touch.

We used Winchester Military Grade Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4″ Buffered 00 Buckshot 9 Pellets Shells, Brenneke Special Forces Short Magnum 2-3/4″ Shotgun Slugs, Brenneke Black Magic Magnum 3″ Slugs, Brenneke’s ATS 12 Gauge 2-3/4″ Anti-Terror Slugs, Fiocchi 00 Buckshot 2 3/4″ 9 Pellets Shotshells, in combination with steel, watermelons, a can of hominy, and a few Firebird 65BIO Detonating Targets just for fun!

The Black Magic Slugs generate a ton of recoil, it kicks really hard, which is why we wanted to test it with the 940 Pro to see if the gas system and recoil system – maybe the semi-auto action soaks up a little bit of that recoil. They did slightly redesign the gas system on the 940 to make it more reliable and Mossberg claims that you can shoot about 1500 rounds through this gun before you have to clean it. That’s a pretty tall order because shotgun ammo is pretty dirty so if they can say that, they must be doing something right here!

With Jerry’s competition gun, even his prototype of the 940, I was very impressed at just how smooth it was. We were putting thousands of rounds through it and you know Jerry runs his a lot, and I never saw it have a malfunction a single time.


After shooting this gun all day at the range, I’m pretty impressed. The upgrades from the 930 were thoughtfully designed and implemented in the 940 Pro. This is a great shotgun – versatile, lightweight and slim, well-equipped, and again, with that low-profile Holosun red dot there, you just can’t go wrong.

To learn more about the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical Holosun Combo Shotgun, visit

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