Mossberg MC2c – Karen Hunter Pistol Review

Mossberg recently celebrated their 100th year with the release of their first 9mm pistol, the MC1sc. The success of this new gun was remarkable and is still growing today. Not stopping with their design ingenuity, Mossberg has been going full steam ahead with their second handgun the MC2c. The new Mossberg MC2c is a compact handgun that’s feature rich, ergonomic and safety minded, perfect for concealed carry or home protection.

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Chambered in 9mm, the Mossberg MC2c comes with two double-stack magazines, a 13-round flush and a 15-round extended. Each MC2c magazine features mossberg mc2ceasy-to-remove floorplates, high-visibility followers, and are made of a coated steel that offers low friction and superior wear-resistance. Slides are available with a black DLC or Matte Stainless finish featuring angled serrations that allow positive slide manipulation. Integrated into the slide is Mossberg’s STS Safe Takedown System. This patented system allows the user to disassemble the handgun for routine cleaning and maintenance without ever pulling the trigger. The frame is comprised of a high-tensile strength glass-reinforced polymer that features Mossberg’s signature aggressive grip texturing and palm swell providing a firm grip in a varying conditions. Standard on the MC2c is a front rail for mounting accessories if desired. White 3-dot, low profile, snag-free sights are standard, however TRUGLO Tritium Pro Night Sights are available as a factory option. The trigger is a flat profile trigger with an integrated blade safety that gives a nice short reset with an approximate 5.5 lb. pull. All models have a reversible magazine release behind the oversized trigger guard with a cross-bolt safety model also available. Five different configurations are available for the MC2c, to learn more on that visit

This pistol was designed for comfort and concealability while also giving you the confidence of a higher round count. For the capacity the Mossberg MC2c brings to the table, it’s a very narrow, slim profile gun. This doubled with the fact that this pistol is almost entirely snag free enables easy of carrying and drawing from concealment. I’ve said it before and will continue to reiterate whenever possible that carrying a firearm should be comforting over comfortable. Some discomfort is absolutely worth the peace of mind that comes with having a firearm for protection. However, the MC2c makes this reality much easier to handle physically with offering such a smooth and comfortable carry option.

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It’s no secret I fell in love with the MC1sc when it hit the market not that long ago, so I wasn’t exactly a skeptic to try the new MC2c. Just as I’d suspected, I fell in love with it as well. On the range I put it to work with over 500 rounds in varying drills and its performance was nothing less than flawless. This pistol offered zero malfunctions and no feed issues even with varying ammo. Sometimes guns can tend to be ammo sensitive, but the MC2c is not one of them. I wanted to remain objective, so I decided to recruit two other shooters to give me their honest opinions. Their trial runs rendered the same opinion and results, a very smooth, well-engineered firearm that lives up to it’s description.

The MC2c is a solid shooter and an optimal choice in an EDC (EveryDay Carry) firearm. I also believe this would be a great option for a newer shooter who is beginning their own concealed carry lifestyle. This pistol packs a punch, has very minimal recoil and excellent ergonomics while also allowing ease of concealment. As with any firearm, no matter how well a gun is engineered and regardless of safety features, training is a must. Without training, owning a firearm is a recipe for disaster. Training for safety as well as running a firearm the responsibility of every single gun owner. This isn’t a matter of just reading the manual that comes with the gun. Working with a qualified instructor is key in becoming a true advocate for your own protections as well as becoming well trained shooter versus someone who is “just a gun owner”. That said, choosing the Mossberg MC2c is definitely heading down the right path when it comes to person and home protection.

Karen Hunter, Contributor

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