Mossberg MC2sc Handgun – Karen Hunter Review

The release of the MC1sc marked an historic point in history where Mossberg proved they possessed the drive and ingenuity to produce quality firearms beyond long guns. Keeping their successful momentum going in the handgun realm, they continued with the release of the MC2c, a double stack compact handgun. Both the MC1sc and the MC2c were designed for concealed carry with the end user’s needs at the forefront. Now, with the trending need and desire for an optics ready sub-compact handgun, Mossberg has once again stepped up to the challenge and expanded their MC2 line with their all-new MC2sc that was just recently released.

The MC2sc is an optics ready, micro-compact, high-capacity handgun engineered with concealed carry in mind. Being a micro-compact gun, it offers the end user a gun that is comfortable to carry and easy to conceal.

The MC2sc is snag-free with an overall length of 6.25 inches and a width of just 1.10 inches making it ideal for a variety of concealed carrying methods. Although small, round capacity was not sacrificed. The MC2sc offers a much higher round capacity than most other micro-compact guns on the market today. There are many people who desire to carry a smaller gun but refuse to be limited to a lower round capacity. Mossberg not only listened to their customers, but they also innovatively addressed this issue. Utilizing the included magazines, one in the gun and carrying a spare, the end user has a total of 27 rounds. This is quite remarkable as it offers the best of both worlds – flexibility in concealing without having to sacrifice a higher round count.

The most popular feature of the MC2sc that many are talking about is the optics ready slide. This slide facilitates the co-witness mounting of micro-dot optics. It is important to note that the MC2sc is optics ready, not optic included – this gun does not come with an optic. Optics ready means that the slide is integrated with a removable plate that allows direct mounting of optics (Shield RSMC footprint). With the use of the included hex wrench the end user can remove the plate and incorporate the optic of their choice within minutes. This gun comes standard with low profile, snag free white three dot sights, but Truglo Tritium Pro night sights are an available option. There are shooters who still prefer iron sights to optics, so by incorporating the integrated plate, the MC2sc can still be an option for those who choose to utilize iron sights only.

There are several features of the MC2sc that I personally found to be impressive. This is a flat-profile trigger with an integrated blade safety. I found it to have a crisp clean break with a nice short reset. The trigger has a five and half pound pull and offered reduced overtravel. All of this combined enabled me to maintain consistent groups and allowed for faster, more accurate follow-up shots. I performed drills from 3 to 7 yards incorporating both stationary shooting and drills with movement. The MC2sc proved to have very minimal recoil and my groups were solid and consistent. I incorporated approximately 500 rounds various brands of ammunition and the MC2sc handled each without any issues.


The MC2sc is feature-rich with highlights that go beyond what I’ve already mentioned. The slide is comprised of 416 stainless steel and features angled serrations that enable positive slide manipulation in varying conditions. The grip is ergonomic, comfortable, and angled at 18 degrees just like a 1911. The added palm swell and incorporation of Mossberg’s signature aggressive grip texturing offers a positive, comfortable grip. The MC2sc gives the shooter ease of manipulation as the controls are very easy to manipulate with an added bonus of a reversible magazine release behind the trigger guard.

The MC2sc flush 11-round and an extended 14-round double-stack magazines are constructed of coated steel, which offer low friction and superior wear-resistance. The magazines also feature easy-to-remove floorplates for ease of cleaning and high-visibility followers. Mossberg has also included their STS (Safe Takedown System) which allows the end user to safely disassemble the handgun for routine cleaning and maintenance without having to pull the trigger to do so. Not having to pull the trigger is a big deal and a huge innovation from Mossberg in the area of safe gun handling.

The MC2sc is an optimal choice for everyday concealed carry. Easy to conceal, comfortable to carry, higher round count, and optics ready – all of that plus the quality and reliability that comes with the Mossberg name. Additionally, the MC2sc comes at a great price point with an MSRP of just $556.00. If you desire a versatile, comfortable, and reliable handgun, the MC2sc is worth your time and attention. To learn more about the MC2sc and other pistols in Mossberg’s MC2 lineup please visit

Mossberg MC2sc

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