10 Hunting Stands And Blinds – Must-Have Hunting Gear

If you spend enough time hunting, you will find you completely disagree with a tree stand is a tree stand is a tree stand. Or even a blind is a blind is a, well you get the point. You know deep down not all tree stands or hunting blinds are alike. Some provide mobility, versatility and complete “stealthiness” — others may provide comfort, ease of use or more. Tree stands and hunting blinds are not created equally. Likewise, your needs wants and even budget can dictate which set up may be ideal for you.

To help you find the perfect hunting gear this year, I have listed below some of the newest tree stands and hunting blinds for 2018. Whether you are looking for a stealthy and portable climber stand or a more permanent hunting blind we’ve got you covered.

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Top Rated Hunting Gear – Stands & Blinds

The Apollo 11′ by X-Stand

Many hunters love the security of a ladder stand but want the mobility of a hang on stand. That’s where X-Stand came in for 2018 and found a way to combine both. The Apollo 11′ is a single person ladder stand that features the X-Stand Jaw Safety System. The Jaw Safety System is designed to secure the stand to the tree from the ground. This creates a much safer environment for hanging stands and ensures it’s stability before climbing. The single leg design makes this ladder stand lightweight for mobility and discreet when left as a permanent option. A comfortable seat and platform that features the Stealth Silencer and Weather Defender making this quite the silent option. MSRP: $129.00

hunting gear
Photo courtesy of X-Stand.

Rhino Blind Cut N’ Run

The blind designed for the hunter who is on the move. This blind is perfect for turkey, predator and deer hunting alike. A quick, simple pop up and in seconds you have a facade to yourself and your gear. Lower windows allow you to sit at ground level and see without having to pop your head up and down with the risk of being noticed. This blind is available in Mossy Oak and Predator Camo and can fit not only comfortably strapped to your back but can fit your budget as well. MSRP: $89.00

Lone Wolf Hunt Ready Treestand System

For as long as we can remember, Lone Wolf has been a top-tier name in the hunting industry for tree stands. Quality built and lightweight, the Lone Wolf tree stands have always been a fan favorite. Lone Wolf for 2018 is now including their Assault II hang on stand in their Hunt Ready System package. The Hunt Ready Tree Stand System includes four Lone Wolf climbing sticks that package with the tree stand to become one. This system allows you to be even more mobile than a climbing tree stand as often times branches and other obstacles can restrict you while climbing. This system is completely mobile and comfortable and will allow you two free hands to head off into your hunt. Put it in your favorite spot year round or take it with you every time you go. Quick, easy to set up and rock solid, the Lone Wolf Hunt Ready Tree Stand System is a great tool for any hunters’ arsenal. MSRP: $459.00

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hunting gear
Photo courtesy of Lone Wolf.

Primos Surround View 360 Double Bull Blind

The blind that has everyone excited for 2018, the Surround View 360 by Primos. This blind has one-way, see through walls and can take some getting used to at first. Once you are in, it’s almost like something straight out of the Matrix because as you can see through 360 degrees with no blind spots, those on the outside can’t see in. So from the outside looking in, yes it appears to be a normal Double Bull Blind, but from the inside looking out, it’s an entirely different experience. MSRP: $499.00

hunting gear

Advanced Take-Down Tree Stands

The Advanced Take Down Tree Stand is a great stand for those who hate hanging stands. The three-piece design allows you to safely climb and easily hang just the stem to the tree. With the Take Down i2 model comes an integrated strap that requires a special tool to remove, making it harder for thieves to remove as well. Once the stem is hung, the platform and seat snap in and you have an extremely comfortable, all day sit style tree stand. Buy multiple stems, hang them all and carry with you just the seat and platform for multiple options at a fraction of the price. Innovation is the key and simplicity is the answer. MSRP: $209.00

hunting gear
Photo courtesy of Advanced Tree Stands.

Summit Viper Steel

Sometimes it’s about comfort and not going way outside our budget. The Summit Viper Steel is built on the same design at the Summit Viper SD only, you guessed it, made out of steel. This allows for a more affordable stand for those who are looking for quality, quiet and affordability. It sports the same features as the Summit Viper SD with a dead-quiet design, QuickDraw Retention System and a full perimeter frame for sit-down stand-up climbing. MSRP: $199.00

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hunting gear
Photo courtesy of Cabela’s.

Ghost Blind

The Ghost Blind has been around for quite some time and always attracts hunters eyes. A durable, lightweight, mirror blind design that reflects the ground in front of it, makes this blind practically invisible. The best part is you can disappear in any nearly any landscape. From the wide open fields in the Midwest to the deep timber of the Northeast, the Ghost Blind can change like a chameleon. Its camouflage is literally its surroundings making this blend in and conceal you where ever you hunt. MSRP: $199.00

hunting gear
Photo courtesy of Cabela’s.

XOP Ambush Sit And Climb Tree Stand

Designed for climbing trees that just aren’t perfect, because let’s face it, branches and knots and more just always seem to find their way to the perfect climbing tree. Xtreme Outdoor Products designed the lower frame to have an additional 5″ of clearance while climbing. This makes it easier to get around obstacles as you climb but also for trees that sport a heavy taper. No one likes to climb when you are super tight at the base of the tree just so you can be level at the top. The XOP Ambush Sit and Climb Tree Stand is one of the most innovative climbing tree stands we have seen. MSRP: $299.00

hunting gear
Photo courtesy of Xtreme Outdoor Products.

Rhino Blind 300

For those looking for a five-hub design that provides a spacious design at an affordable price, the Rhino Blind 300 is where it’s at. This blind has all the features of even the most expensive blinds but somehow doesn’t break the bank. Built for gun or bow with an ability to fit three people comfortably. Mesh shoot through windows, zipperless entry and brush loops for adding natural cover make this ground blind the ultimate blind for the permanent year-round scenario as well as the pop up blind style hunter. MSRP: $169

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hunting gear
Photo courtesy of Rhino Blinds.

Millennium M150 Monster Hang On Stand

The hang on tree stand everyone is claiming to be the best for all-day sits. This stand boasts an extra large platform with a height-adjustable ComfortMAX contoured sling seat, basically, it’s a lazy boy strapped to a tree. Built from aluminum and weighing less than 20 lbs. and featuring an adjustable platform up to 15 degrees making this the Cadillac of hang on tree stands. MSRP: $269.00

hunting gear
Photo courtesy of Cabela’s

Hopefully while reading this you had in your mind where you needed a new tree stand or ground blind. We all know the more work we do in the offseason translates into how successful the hunting season will be. Just don’t blame me when the better half gets a look at the credit card bill.

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