New Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster – SHOT Show 2020

The Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster gives you the security you demand, but with more intuitive features to make it easier to operate. When fractions of a second count, you cannot afford to be slowed down by complicated retention devices. The centerpiece of the Rapid Force Duty Holster is our Gross Motor Response control unit, a more intuitive retention system that offers full Level III retention. Active retention comes from an ejection port lock and a locking backstrap, giving you two active retention devices in addition to adjustable passive retention.

The Gross Motor Response unit is located on the inside edge of the holster, between the holster and your duty belt. A push-button release unlocks and drops the backstrap forward, and a thumb lever moves the ejection port wedge, freeing the pistol to be drawn from the holster. A button guard serves as a guide rail for the shooting hand and prevents a vest or other body worn equipment from accidentally activating the button. It’s height-adjustable, in case you want to raise or lower it. The user can easily actuate the retention devices with the shooting hand thumb, gaining a fast and full firing grip on the pistol. It’s easily operated under stress, but still offers the utmost in security. Few other duty holsters can claim to offer the same thing.

The Rapid Force is available in right- and left-handed configurations. You can order the Rapid Force for use with or without a weapon-mounted light, and it’s compatible with a wide range of popular light attachments. The Rapid Force is also RDS-capable. If your pistol has a reflex optic choose the MRDS-hood option. When you actuate the backstrap, it seamlessly lifts out of the way. The Rapid Force comes with three jacket belt slide attachments, which can be used as a belt slide or clamped to your duty belt and with low-, mid-, and high-ride jacket belt slides.

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Rapid Force Duty Holster

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