New Armscor 22 TCM Handgun & 22TCM9R Ammo – SHOT Show 2020

Delivering over 2000 fps in a handgun while offering both single stack and high capacity options, the Armscor 22 TCM introduces the most potent and versatile 1911 in the market today. The Armscor 22 TCM is known for light recoil without sacrifice in muzzle energy and penetrating impact abilities. Also built in mid size, full size and high capacity options with both Standard and Tactical configurations, each TCM series handgun includes a drop-in 9mm barrel adding another proven ammunition option in one firearm.

The TCM pistol from Rock Island Armory is two guns in one.  With just a swap of the barrel, go from a 9mm to 22 TCM rounds. The 22 TCM cartridges from Rock Island Armory make it a longer-shooting pistol. The tech grid and adjustable rear sight mean the TCM is more than desirable – Fire it once, and you’ll be hooked.

The all-new Armscor 22TCM9R™ round matches the length of a 9mm cartridge, allowing it to feed and function properly in supported 9mm firearms.

This cartridge gives you the ability to fire .22 caliber bullets at speeds of over 2,000 fps, increasing accuracy and ballistic performance in flight. In addition, the increased speed produces approximately 312 ft/lbs of energy, nearly double the impact energy of most .22LR bullets.

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I got one of the 22TCM/9MM combo in the 1911. Awesome gun. If you haven't tried the 22TCM, you really should. but be warned, you'll probably buy it. Fire ball and thunder, recoil like a 22LR.

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