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New Gear: Double Blade Knife from Bear Edge

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Photo courtesy of Bear Edge

The new double blade knife from Bear Edge, Model 61519, is every hunter’s must-have cutlery tool this hunting season.

This knife is designed and built for hunters that pursue big game animals like whitetail deer, elk, and antelope. It is meant to both assist in prepping wild game in the field and accomplishing common chores around camp.

The 61519 features two 440 Stainless Steel blades: a functional, razor-sharp gut hook and a 3-7/8″ drop-point. The gut hook provides effortless field dressing and supports hunters with a safe and positive control while cutting. The 3 7/8″ drop-point blade easily accomplishes any cutting tasks commonly found in hunting camp. Both blades are housed in a strong, aluminum handle that is comfortable to hold and simple to clean.

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