New Gun Owners Will Enjoy National Shooting Sports Month in August

National Shooting Sports Month in August is the perfect time for first-time firearm owners to pursue training and learn about the dozens of target shooting sports they can enjoy with their firearm.

Developed by NSSF®, the firearm industry trade association, National Shooting Sports Month reminds everyone about the safe, fun, exciting activity of target shooting – whether you’re a first-time firearm owner or a season shooter.

While there are still social distancing guidelines in place because the coronavirus, whether you visit an outdoor or indoor range, target shooting is an activity where social distancing can be followed relatively easily. Also, the shooting sports are well-suited to socializing while heeding your state and local coronavirus safety guidelines.

Here are 10 great reasons to head to the range during National Shooting Sports Month:

1.+ONESM Movement

There are many reasons more than 2.5 million people joined the firearm-owning community so far in 2020. Without a doubt, many were introduced to ownership and target shooting by a mentor. NSSF’s +ONE Movement encourages experienced shooters to be a mentor and help even more newcomers discover how to safely handle a firearm and have fun knocking knock down steel plates or breaking a clay targets. Have novices watch this video on Range Safety and Etiquette before they go.

2. Summer Shots Target

Participate in the all-new #RangeChallengeSM, a series of target games that test your marksmanship skills. The #RangeChallenge: Summer Shots target is available at participating ranges and online for download. Use the hashtag #RangeChallenge to share your experience on social media and be entered into a weekly social media giveaway to win great prizes. See instructions for complete details.

3. #LetsGoShooting

We’ve got another hashtag for you. #LetsGoShooting is the theme of National Shooting Sports Month. Share the hashtag and your experiences on your favorite social media networks and remind others to head out to the range for a day of fun and socializing. Discover the fun other target shooters are having at the range by following the #LetsGoShooting feeds.

4. A date at the range

Ask your spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend to go target shooting with you. You’ll have a great time together. Send an email invitation to them at By the way, women are the fastest growing segment in target shooting, and more gear than ever is being designed for their fit and comfort.

5. Rediscover shooting

It’s true there are a lot of first-time gun owners out there, but National Shooting Sports Month isn’t for newcomers only. Haven’t shot in a while? Dust off your shooting gear and head to the range with an old shooting buddy or maybe your granddaughter or grandson. Clay target sports like skeet, trap and sporting clays are great for socializing (and social distancing).

6. Cash in on deals

Retailers and ranges will be offering specials during National Shooting Sports Month at thousands of events nationwide. Find a participating business near you to take advantage of these offers at®.

7. Tune up for hunting season

Okay, maybe you’re not a hunter, but if you’ve wanted to learn more about hunting and harvesting your own food, a trip to a firearm retailer or range can provide answers to your questions about it. You’ll learn about enrolling in a hunter education course and practicing your shooting to be ready in time for the fall seasons. Not sure where to start? Visit NSSF’s LetsGoHunting.orgTM website.

8. Practice Firearm Safety

The shooting sports are safe. Responsible gun owners safely handle their firearms and securely store them when not in use, whether at home, in a vehicle or at the range. Thanks to responsible gun owners and programs like NSSF’s Project ChildSafe®, fatal firearms accidents are at all-time low levels.

9. Celebrate Freedom and Tradition

In addition to passing on the great tradition of target shooting, you can educate others about the unique American freedoms that make participating possible. See NSSF’s Proud to be a Firearms Owner pocket card and new video also learn about NSSF’s Gun Owners CareSM.

10. Win a Great Prize!

Finally, enter the +ONE Gearbox Giveaways at for a chance to win great prizes from generous National Shooting Sports Month sponsors.

Are you going to be joining National Shooting Sports Month this August? Be sure to hashtag #LetsGoShooting to help make others aware of the fun of target shooting.

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