New Guns from Armscor/Rock Island Armory – SHOT Show 2022

Eric Lewis is at Range Day 2022 with John McClain checking out the hottest new guns from Armscor/Rock Island Armory.

Striker-fired pistol fans, rejoice. The STK100 from Armscor boasts an aluminum grip that adds just enough weight to reduce felt recoil while still being comfortable to carry all day. This 9MM 17-round gem has a textured grip angled like a 1911 grip to give you greater control. With a patent-pending frame designed for durability, It has all the advantages of metal for the price of a polymer.

The Rock Island Armory TM22 is a new age rifle, built to the newest standard with the classical attributes needed to pass on for generations It is Total Metal with 7075 Airplane Grade aluminum from end to end. Compataiblity with AR type grip, commercial buffer tube adapter, top rail, and forend that takes most after market accessories, this rifle is built for all ages, all types of scenario. As ambi as it gets, comes stock with right handed controls but this rifle has it all, includes set to convert from right handed to left handed to make it ready for all scenarios. This 20″ barrel 36″ Overall length 221r rifle was built with no shortcuts, comes with 2 10rd aluminum magazines. Aftermarket factory 15rd and 25rd magazines available.

The VRF14 from Armscor is the first semi-automatic short barrel firearm of its kind. It boasts a familiar pistol-style grip so you can shoot 12GA shells from the hip. And if the 5-round magazine isn’t enough, it’s also compatible with VR-Series 9- and 19-round mags. Tempting as it is, don’t just stare at it. Add it to your collection now, while you still can.

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