New Jersey hunter receiving death threats for allegedly killing “Pedals the bi-pedal” black bear

Residents of northern New Jersey have been taking to social media and protesting hunting grounds all over the state in response to the hunting and harvesting of a beloved black bear nicknamed “Pedals” for the way he struts about on his hind legs. The uniquely talented bear had become a popular viral video sensation after many people captured video of the bear’s titular walk. Bar owner and hunter Tom McCreary posted a comment on a Facebook page saying he, “had something for Pedals,” which was met with heinous death threats against McCreary, his family, and his business. While McCreary maintains he did not in fact hunt down Pedals, after a photo surfaced of the bear being measured at a weigh station, the controversy reignited, with residents trying to piece together the hunter’s identity based on evidence in the photo. McCreary continues to maintain his innocence, but that unfortunately has not stopped the deplorable threats from social media.