New Springfield Armory EMP Ronin Sootch00 Review

Springfield Armory has been in business since 1974 and they produce really high quality M1A rifles, M1 Garands, but also the 1911. They have a multitude of different styles, types, barrel lengths, and calibers. They also import the XD series pistols and they’re very well known for their quality. Today we’re going to take a look at the smallest 1911 in the world—their EMP series, but it’s their Ronin. Now this a 3-inch barrel, which is typical for the EMP, but this one has been redesigned with the grip around the 9mm caliber. So it has a thinner grip, it’s just got a shorter grip, and it’s definitely really thin. Now there are more 1911s produced in 9mm than even the original .45 ACP. It’s a very slim, trim, short firearm that’s perfect for a concealed carry. We’re going to take a look at all of its features and of course take it out to the range and run it through its paces.

This is a brand new pistol from Springfield Armory and it’s great to be able to bring it out to show you guys all the details. The world’s smallest 1911 is a pretty big claim. Especially when you see this pistol and honestly, it looks pretty much like a very small EMP from Springfield Armory. This particular EMP, which stands for enhanced micro pistol, is the ronin version. It has 11 proprietary parts for this firearm that will not fit your standard 1911 and it was engineered around 9mm and there’s a reduced grip frame size so the radius is just smaller. That’s one of the biggest things and also the link is just a little bit shorter even than the standard EMP.

Ever since this pistol came in, I’ve been excited to take this down to the range because I want to see how the recoil reacts, especially with that lighter frame, the really short barrel, and the recoil system being recently upgraded. We’re gonna check this out and just see how it functions. Now we took the EMP Ronin down to the range and with that short barrel, I expected a little more muzzle flip even though it is a 9mm. I just expected it to have just a little bit of kick to it. Same controls as your 1911, so you know I put it my hand and it felt very familiar. That first magazine was such soft shooting and I’ve shot a lot of 9mm 1911s, but this is definitely a very soft shooting 1911. The double recoil springs I’m sure help. The bull barrel gives it a little extra weight up front and it just shot very well. I really enjoyed it. It is very pointable like your 1911 as well as very balanced in the hand—the mainspring housing in the back just allows you to get it against your palm and yet that thinner grip just gives you a little more advantage and a little more confidence to the grip. We shot quite a few rounds, about 500 rounds through it, and honestly if I had more ammo we would have continued. The sites with the fiber optic showed up really well against the black two-dot site in the back. Carrying this concealed, if you ever had to pull it out, it’d give you a lot of confidence that you have full control over the handgun.

There’s a lot of great things about this handgun. A couple of cons would be the takedown method, especially with that little spacer. I’m not a big fan, but I do like being able just to pull it out and I really like that Springfield Armory acknowledges that. Also coming with one magazine. I like to see a couple of extra mags especially since the EMP is a more proprietary firearm. If you’re going to do a lot of upgrades to it, obviously with the parts that are only for this particular EMP, that could be an issue. But overall, I think out of the box, this is a beautiful concealed carry option if you want to carry a 1911.

So guys, if you’re looking for a 1911 that is super compact—in fact the smallest 1911 in the world—check out the EMP Ronin. This is a really small handgun and yet it’s got that pointability of the 1911 and it’s been here for 110 years and it’s as popular today as it’s ever been. It’s a very safe pistol to carry and one of those that you can have a lot of confidence in.

Thanks to Springfield Armory for their help and to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition!

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