NEWS: Crossbreed Holsters Now Available for GLOCK G43X

CrossBreed® Holsters is proud to offer its popular carry holsters for the just-released GLOCK G43X pistol. The G43X is the latest entry in GLOCK’s Slimline series of handguns, which presents the proven GLOCK platform in a compact, easy-carry frame while delivering an impressive 10-round capacity.

The new G43X pairs exceptionally well with the CrossBreed® Holsters concept of highly ergonomic, high quality construction IWB, OWB, and off-body carry solutions.

For those favoring IWB carry, CrossBreed® Holsters offers the SuperTuck®, MiniTuck®, Freedom Carry®, Appendix Carry®, and Mini Appendix Carry® for the G43X. Compatible OWB holster models include the SuperSlide®, SnapSlide®, and DropSlide®. The crossover-style holster The Reckoning®, which can be configured for either IWB or OWB carry, is also available.

In addition to these and other on-body carry holsters already available for the GLOCK G43X release, CrossBreed® Holsters offers additional holstering solutions and accessories designed specifically for this much-anticipated handgun. These include the Purse Defender holsters and mag carriers, Modular Belly Band holsters and mag carriers, Ohai/Bedside holster and mag carrier for the bedroom, and Pac Mat and Mini Pac Mat holsters and mag carrier for concealed carry inside daypacks and gear bags.

Click here to see all the CrossBreed® Holsters developed for the GLOCK G43X.

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