NEWS: Dick’s to Remove Hunting Rifles & Gear from 125 Stores

Shares of Dick’s Sporting Goods shares sank more than 10% on a decline in same-store-sales in Q4 2018 and disappointing guidance for 2019.

Dick’s is losing two major categories in 2019: hunting and Reebok.

Removing hunting items from 125 stores

Last year, Dick’s removed hunting items from 10 stores where it underperformed. After the removal, those stores generated positive comp sales in Q4. “Following this success,” Dick’s CEO Ed Stack said on the Q4 earnings call, “we will remove Hunt from approximately 125 additional Dick’s stores in 2019 where the category underperforms.”

Dick’s defines the hunting category as rifles and ammunition, plus “accessories associated with firearms, hunting apparel, anything associated with hunting,” Dick’s president Lauren Hobart clarified later on the call. “It would not include kayaks and other outdoor activities like that.”

On Tuesday’s call, Dick’s signaled that the Field & Stream brand may soon go away. “We’re not sure exactly what we’re going to do with it,” said Stack. “We’re not opening any new Field & Stream stores. And right now, on a formal basis they’re cash flow positive and they’re not a drain on the company.”

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Removing Reebok from all stores

Dick’s also shared plans for its private labels that spell bad news for Adidas and Under Armour.

Stack said Dick’s private apparel brands, such as CALIA by Carrie Underwood, will “continue to be an integral part” of its strategy, and “play an important role in our space allocation and assortment strategies.” It will expand the footprint of CALIA in 80 stores, and launch a new private brand that will replace Reebok in time for the back-to-school season.

“We think that we’ll do more business there than we did with Reebok,” said Stack.

That ends a licensing agreement Dick’s had with Reebok, and it sent shares of Adidas Group, which owns the Reebok brand, tumbling.

Dick’s didn’t have great news to share about Under Armour sales, either. Dick’s CFO Lee Belitsky said that Under Armour “continues to be difficult” for Dick’s and, “We’ve been able to replace the loss Under Armour apparel business with other brands in the stores at this point.”

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  1. Dicks decided to shun an outdoors oriented community.
    As such, we vote with our dollars and law abiding retailers
    Dicks made it’s choices, time will be it’s judge.

  2. The reason hunting merchandise underperformed is because we know you think guns are icky! Typical liberal! You are in the wrong business maybe you should be selling baby toys or Antifa ninja costumes!

  3. What could possibly go wrong? Sure, they spit in the face of the entire shooting community, but there can’t be THAT many people who are clinging to their guns and Bibles, can there? The Lions eat the stupid zebras that run the wrong way, and the zebras get smarter. The lazy lions that won’t chase the stupid zebras starve and the lions get more energetic. Welcome to the jungle, Dicks, maybe get behind Nike and their new hero. Id say go ALL IN 100%! What could possibly go wrong?

  4. The article contains all of the usual deceptive and misinformation which is common in more and more companies now.
    They have joined the ranks of the socialist cause and spread their philosophy as such.
    Other companies like ‘Nike’ have went this way. They are reflecting their political views and “hammer” those who only want fair play and freedom. As a combat veteran this is truly unfortunate, but it is coming much more quickly than many thought.
    They can state whatever they want, they have that right, but that freedom was paid for in blood. How quickly they have forgotten.
    We do have to disregard their misinformation, or disinformation accordingly.
    God bless America!

  5. All of my friends and coworkers have stopped shopping at Dicks / Field and Stream. We have a Bass Pro in Hampton Roads that gets our business now. It’s really a shame because when Dicks / Field and Stream opened here everyone was thrilled with it, not anymore.