NEWS: Group Raises Awareness for Florida Open Carry Laws

A group of open carry supporters, “Florida Carry”, set out to raise awareness for Florida’s open carry laws in Miami Beach.

The group’s Facebook page says the fishing event was to demonstrate that it is legal in Florida to openly carry a loaded weapon in the state, as long as it’s while the person carrying is hunting, camping or fishing.

Their first attempt at such a demonstration earlier this year startled fishermen and visitors, some of whom notified police. Officers temporarily detained and disarmed the group, but determined that they were within their rights to carry weapons.

This time, the group announced it’s intention to show up at the pier on a Facebook page, and police were ready and accommodating.

Open Carry Advocate Steven Merrette said, “This is our statement to come out here and try and educate not only the law enforcement officers but the general public as well. We are not the problem. We’re out here peacefully fishing, we’ve got our wives, our kids with us, we’re out here having a good time, nobody’s causing any problems.”

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