NEWS: New York State Investigates NRA

As reported by Fox News:

New York state Attorney General Letitia James has begun an investigation into the National Rifle Association’s finances, her spokeswoman said Saturday.

“The Office of New York State Attorney General Letitia James has launched an investigation related to the National Rifle Association (NRA),” spokeswoman Kelly Donnelly said in an email to the Associated Press. “As part of this investigation, the Attorney General has issued subpoenas.”

William A. Brewer, the NRA’s outside lawyer, said the gun lobby group “will fully cooperate with any inquiry into its finances.”

James, a Democrat, vowed during her campaign last year to investigate the NRA’s not-for-profit status if elected.

“I will use the constitutional power as an attorney general to regulate charities, that includes the NRA, to investigate their legitimacy,” she said at a July 12 rally.

The news comes as the gun rights group grapples with infighting that erupted during its annual convention in Indianapolis this weekend. Oliver North announced Saturday that he would step down from his role as president. The move follows his failed attempt to remove NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

The rift within the NRA was fueled in part by the threatened New York investigation. The group began a review of all its contractors last summer after James promised to investigate.

The review led the NRA to sue its longtime public relations firm, Oklahoma-based Ackerman McQueen, which some NRA officials complained was refusing to turn over financial records. North had taken the firm’s side in the legal battle, which led to accusations he had a conflict of interest because Ackerman had paid him.

The NRA has clashed repeatedly with New York elected officials aiming to curb the organization’s political influence.

The group filed a lawsuit last year against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other state officials after New York fined insurance broker Lockton Cos. LLC $7 million for underwriting an NRA-branded insurance program called Carry Guard.

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What are you people afraid of? Everything stated in the above is true, controversy is what made this country as great as it is. When you attack an org. that supports 6-7 million people who strongly believe in the constitution and God, it would seem to me that a coup even though subtle to turn this nation into a socialist or communist state by any means possible. The baseless attack against and org. such as the NRA who stand up for the constitutional rights of the people is in fact a treasonous attack against our Government, whether subtle or violently, an attack none the less.

Comment by:

Whether or not these two posts are acceptable to a liberal agenda, the facts are true and accurate, and your one sided bias by not posting the above comments are proof of my dictorial statements, and most certainly a one party control in the assembly and in the state senate along w/ a Godless governor and proven known attachment to Mafia figures, certainly bear out my above statements. (the last comment was proven when his father was governor), And didn't the mayor of NYC. spend his honeymoon in Cuba. Now who needs investigating??????

Comment by:

Again my comment can not be moderated because it is the truthk and to moderate it would be a lie. N.Y. is a dictorial state because of N.Y.City. Most upstate statewide votes do not count and we are FORCED TO ACCEPT. downstate liberal, baby murdering candidates as our representatives. A FACT none can deny. Upstate would outlaw late term abortion, our 2nd amendment rights would not be violated or our 1st amendment rights would not be challenged as they are w/the present investigation by the attny general into a peoples organization like the NRA. (the right to assemble) not like the Black Pantherss.

Comment by:

N.Y,S. Should be separated, upstate , which is still part of America and downstate, which is a communist oriented dictatorial group of sick minded individuals and baby murderers. Upstate has no vote as to who gets into office and that makes it a dictorial state not unlike Cuba , Red China or North Korea. The NRA is made up of average working class people Not communist baby killers who really need investigating. Especialy a governor who has MOB TIES .

Comment by:

Typical Liberal agenda ....Remove all obstacles preventing you from Dis-Arming "We the People".. Sooner or later "We the People" will be removing any & all Anti-Constitutional Socialists. Remember who they are.

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