NEWS: Oliver North Told He Will Not Be Renominated NRA President

As reported by CNN:

National Rifle Association President Oliver North told NRA members on Saturday he will not be renominated president of the group following a dispute with its CEO Wayne LaPierre.

The announcement was made in a letter read Saturday during the NRA convention being held in Indianapolis, NRA officials confirmed to CNN.

North said in the letter that he hoped he would be renominated for a second term but, “I am now informed that will not happen,” according to a video of the letter being read. There was a vote scheduled for Sunday to choose the president.

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North, a central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal, was selected last year to be the NRA’s president. At the time, LaPierre — the group’s longtime executive and key public face — called him “hands down, the absolute best choice to lead our NRA Board.” Already a controversial figure due to the Reagan-era scandal over secret arms sales to Iran, North joined the preeminent gun rights group at a critical juncture for it as it responded to renewed calls for gun control in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

But on Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that LaPierre told the NRA’s board that he had refused a demand by North to step down and accused the NRA president of trying to extort him.

According to the Journal, North told the board that he was forming a crisis committee to look at the organization’s finances and had told the board’s executive committee that LaPierre charged more than $200,000 in wardrobe purchases to a vendor.

The dispute between LaPierre and North originated in part from a dispute between the NRA and contractor Ackerman McQueen Inc., an ad agency which runs NRATV, its online media service. That resulted in a lawsuit filed earlier this month by the NRA.

In the lawsuit, the NRA claimed Ackerman McQueen did not justify its billings with records, according to the Journal. Ackerman McQueen called the lawsuit “frivolous” and “inaccurate,” the Journal reported.

In his letter this week, LaPierre wrote that North called his office to relay that unless he resigned, Ackerman McQueen Inc. was prepared to release a damaging letter to the NRA board, the Journal reported.

“I believe the purpose of the letter was to humiliate me, discredit our Association, and raise appearances of impropriety that hurt our members and the Second Amendment,” LaPierre wrote. “The letter would contain a devastating account of our financial status, sexual harassment charges against a staff member, accusations of wardrobe expenses and excessive staff travel expenses.”

The feud between the two high-profile conservatives came in the middle of the NRA’s annual meeting in Indianapolis. The NRA’s full 76-member board was set to meet on Monday.

The NRA presidency has previously been a ceremonial post, but the New York Times reported North had asked for it to be a paid position.

Contributions to the NRA are lagging, the Times reported, and the organization is facing an increasingly well-financed opposition movement in the wake of several mass shootings.

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As a life member since 1972 and a current Benefactor Life Member, I am sick and tired of all this political infighting when our 2nd Amendment rights have been and continue to be under heavy attack. I am dismayed at the exorbitant salary Mr. LaPierre receives, especially at this crucial time in our history. If he truly cared about our future, a voluntary pay cut of 50% would be a good first step.

Regarding LtCol North, as a voting member, I demand the right to vote for whom I please. To remove his name from consideration is, to quote General Schwarzkopf, this is "bovine scatology". If the voting members don't want to reelect Col. North, then so be it. To remove his name from consideration, this act violates the standards of the Constitution we all beleive and fight for every day.

Comment by:

Sounds like Ollie is not your favorite. Whenever the use of the $$$ is questioned an audit
is the only way to clear the air. We should have an annual audit published for the rank and file
in both magazines yearly. Trust but verify.

Comment by:

Sounds like Ollie is not your favorite. Whenever the use of the $$$ is questioned an audit
is the only way to clear the air. We should have an annual audit published for the rank and file
in both magazines yearly. Trust but verify.

Comment by:


Comment by:

I totally blame La Pierre for this!! Colonel North had the goods on him, so La Pierre said no.
And then tried this. So the Colonel let the cat out of the bag and told La Pierre to go pound salt.

Comment by:

Stop the infighting , get back to the business at hand - support and defend our country , our constitution and our rights as Americans to the liberties in the 2nd amendment. Restore our credibility as an origamization by acting responsibly in this time of need.
We have too many foes to contend with that wish us harm both foreign and domestic.
May God bless this country and our freedoms.

Stand Strong and United !!

Comment by:

I have heard that the leadership of the N.R.A of which I am a member is backing those awful UNCONSTITUTIONAL RED FLAG LAWS, endorsed by RINO'S Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham! I will not contribute to the N.R.A or rejoin if they support those STUPID Anti-2nd,5th,6th,and 14th Amendment jokes they call laws!!!

Comment by:

Damn, and I just up-graded to Endowment BECAUSE of Oliver North, not WLP, I think Oliver is still the best leader for the NRA....if he's 'allowed' to lead and not to please WLP with his every decision!! I will vote for North to remain the President of the NRA!!!

Comment by:

LaPierre needs to be fired,as well as the rest of his associates,North is no prize either.
As a NRA member since 1973 and Lifer,I will not fund the NRA as long as these individuals are present.
The NRA has not helped me ,hasn't helped other firearms owners in NYState.
I thought that"Cincinnati Revolution"would have cleaned house.
It hasn't.

Comment by:

Being a life member for 20+ years, I've always been a staunch supporter of the NRA. Then 2-3 yrs ago I learned Wayne LaPierre was receiving a million dollars a year salary. I have not given the NRA a dime since. Why does this position net such an exorbitant salary? You know the NRA picks up the tab for ALL his on duty expenses, travel, etc. The NRA has been crying lately for more donations. I say to Wayne: I'll give some $$$ again when you take a 70-80% pay cut. I know I could live really well on 200-300K a year. I'll bet we could find someone just as good for A HELL of a lot less $$$. Doug A Smith Cimarron KS

Comment by:
CoolSpring Labradors

Ah nothing like a Board member dispute and power move, with origins from a elected volunteer position. It's what people do when they have no power in their own lives, they get elected to the Board and then wreak havoc. Uh then comes the personal attacks to oust the guy that led the charge for your nomination? Then its put out for the world to see and hear? Classic. Then their are claims as fact of who did or does what, where, when and why. Remember the claims part, as in impropriety. Classic. Oh and the part about revenue stream from members, typical trend analysis historically will show an uptick of involvement as elections, local, state and federal as these events evolve. So here is some handy advice.....if you have a personality issue that is then parlayed into a power move to impinge on the reputation or actions of another person for your personal gain, then take a really good look in the mirror at the source itself. You. Respect is earned when you deserve it. Not by nomination. Oliver your predecessor was outstanding prior to his nomination as an individual and his ethics professionally. There is nothing more embarassing than a former US Marine that places himself in a position of of having no integrity whatsoever, and to place any issue your having with what you think is justified in a term limited position on a board! If someone put you up to this or your the source, your ethics come into call. The Association will be just fine without you, and I wish you well but the bottom line is sometimes a bloated ego may just rub people the wrong way when one is unwilling to have a get it factor when it comes to working well with others.

Comment by:

LaPierre needs to go! He is not king and appears to be too free with company funds!
We have a large money problem and tax-exempt status problems. Time for an audit and some heads need to roll! This personality crap will end the NRA!
John T-Patron member

Comment by:

LaPierre is nothing but a get rich scam artiest in my book all he wants is money the NRA need`s some one who is for the Second Amendment not just for self the no longer help those who need it they are only out for the almighty buck they need to start helping out the little guy not just the high profile cases like the one here in Massachusetts with the AG who wrights her own law`s did we get any help from the NRA no we did not we were left on our own

Comment by:

I agree with Colonel K. It was with LaPierre's blessing that an NRA attorney was quoted as saying that magazine capacity had nothing to do with "firepower." ?Metaska? was the women's name I think.
An audit is very long overdue for the restoration of the NRA's credibility.

Comment by:

Agree, need new leadership. It is time for some younger ex military leadership.

Comment by:
Colonel K

I've long been opposed to LaPierre, and I was not pleased when North became president. Both men share one common trait, an emphasis on self-promotion. Both need to go.

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