NEWS: Rambo Bikes Announces New & Upgraded Electric Hunting Bikes

Rambo Bikes, a Minnesota-based electric hunting bike company has numerous models receiving upgrades from the previous year, while also launching three new 2021 models.

The 2020 Rambo Bikes that are moving forward in 2021 are receiving numerous upgrades, especially with the size of the battery they are equipped with. Every bike will now have a minimum of a 48v 14AH battery giving each a much bigger range. The full suspension 1000w Rampage is Rambo Bikes model that is built for the serious and extreme Mountain Biker that will only settle for the best. With a 21ah battery, you can enjoy a max range up to 60 miles. The Rebel, 1000w bike will be featuring an inverted fork, a second color pattern in a TrueTimber Viper Urban Camo along with a 21ah battery for extended range! The 750w Nomad will feature a new inverted fork along with 11 gears for a 420% gear range. The Bushwacker, a staple among prairie hunters, has a new 5 speed internal Sturmey Archer hub – paired with the new 14AH battery and color display, you can now cruise up to 38 miles! The Roamer is also featuring the new 5 speed internal hub with a 14ah battery giving it roughly 35 mile range. This bike is the perfect all-around model. The 750w Pursuit and Ryder are upgraded with the 48v 14AH Samsung battery as well as being equipped with Front Suspension.

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New Models Coming in for 2021

Once again, leading the industry in advancements. Three new models are coming in 2021 and they are bikes to keep your eyes on. The Venom, Megatron, and Prowler have new technology giving them an edge while you’re out in the field. From dual 1000w hub motors, a 14-speed internal gear hub, piston brakes, 1000w Ultra Drive Motors, and a dual battery option giving a huge 80-mile range. It might be time to upgrade your current electric bike in 2021 – keep an eye on Rambo Bikes for more details releasing soon!

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