NEWS: Will Primos Signature Series Turkey Vest Designed to Hunting Legend’s Standards

Primos Hunting has taken vest design and gear accessibility to an unparalleled level with the new Will Primos Signature Series Turkey Vest. A pioneer in game calls and hunting accessories, Primos Hunting completely designed the vest with an all-new, easily accessible layout of pockets for specific turkey hunting gear. This top-of-the-line vest is the brainchild of legendary gear inventor and hunter, Will Primos.

Designed by Will himself, the new vest is constructed with lightweight polyester for the ultimate in comfort and has multiple pockets to keep calls and other gear at hand for the moment of need. The Mossy Oak Bottomland® pattern and other features inspired by Will Primos help provide the confidence needed to bag even the toughest gobblers.

“We worked with Will extremely close to make the vest he’s always wanted to make,” said Primos Director of Marketing Jason Harris. “Trust us when we say that every pocket, button, zipper and stitch did not pass muster without meeting or exceeding Will’s expectations. For that reason alone, any store with serious turkey hunters should make this a cornerstone of their turkey inventory for 2021.”

The legendary turkey hunter, call maker and gear innovator pulled out all the stops with the Primos product development team to design an entirely new vest from the ground up, ensuring every pocket has a job to do. Other key features of the Will Primos Signature Series Turkey Vest include:

•Textured shoulder straps to grip gun slings and prevent sliding

•Adjustable shoulder straps and two adjustable buckles for a customizable fit

•Lanyard D-rings allow hunters to tie on locator calls, mouth call pouches and/or flydown wings

•Multiple outer pockets keep hunters prepared for any situation

•Two outer striker pockets with magnet closures

•Removable 3″-thick seat pad with a high-strength magnet closure

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Will Primos Signature Series Turkey Vest is $199.99. With all signs pointing towards a renewed interest in hunting, Primos continues to bring to market innovative products designed to enhance the outdoor experience.

For more information on the complete line of Primos products, visit

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