Not Prepared? How to Get Started with Sootch00

January 8, 2021

Not Prepared? How to get started. Now it’s time to get you and your family to be prepared. Civil unrest and potential winter lockdowns will empty store shelves.

One of the biggest question Sootch00 gets is simply….how to get started. It’s most important to have the basics – that’s all you need! While it’s not rocket science, it does take planning and effort.

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Be prepared, not scared! Make wise decisions, not rash decisions. Don’t panic. Having a few things set aside and organized will give you peace of mind.

The most obvious is food. Don’t get suckered into buying the long-term storage type of food. Just start with canned goods, rice, dried beans. You want to be able to prepare meals similar to what you eat now. And in a crisis situation, you don’t want to have to go digging into that long-term food storage plan.

Here is a quick list of Sootch00’s recommended basics to get yourself prepared:

Medical Supplies
Heat Source
Cleaning Supplies
Toilet Paper
Self Defense / Security
Emergency Radio
Get Home Bag
Emergency Family Plan

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