Oknife Drever Knife By Olight Sootch00 Review

Olight makes great flashlights and I’ve been carrying an Olight as my regular EDC for over 10 years. I mean we’ve done a lot of torture tests with these and we’ve done a lot of performance tests. They’re just great lights. Now Olight has come out with their Oknife Drever Folding Pocket Knife – and honestly when I heard about it, I thought what in the world and didn’t really know what to expect with this piece.

Olight does have some other knives coming out as well, but we’re gonna look at some of the specs and see if this knife stands up to the quality of the Olight flashlight. And one thing I will tell you is that when these came out they were sold out within 24 hours and while I was making this video, they were available – so they’re in demand.

We really appreciate Olight for sending the Oknife Drever. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect and so when I pulled this out of the package, it had a very lightweight feel to it and it was slick. I mean it comes out just really nice. I was very impressed the first time I saw it. I was totally surprised at how good looking this knife is. Now for me personally, I would carry the black, I mean that just seems to be the color that I would like to carry. But as far as the looks go, the blue is beautiful.

Now obviously Olight didn’t make this knife, they contracted it out to have it made. There’s been a lot of different rumors about where it was made but from pretty much the consensus is Kaiser knives which makes really excellent knives as well.

The overall length is eight inches, the closed length is four inches and then the blade is three and a half inches. The flipper itself is not tight, sometimes you can get a hold of flippers and you have to really kind of bear down on it. But, it has just enough release and just enough tension to be able to make that glide out really quickly but it keeps the knife in place and the blade does not come out. I mean it’s locked in there. I’m just going to tell you guys that for a reasonably priced knife, this makes an excellent EDC knife as far as sharpness. I mean this comes out super sharp right out of the box.

Now the Drever comes with a lifetime warranty and it’s FDA-certified to be food safe, so if you had this to cut some apples or whatever you want to cut, it’ll do it. As far as price goes, these retail for $69.95. You can get 10% off using Sootch00. I am going to be carrying this knife – with the sharpness, with the shape, with the small thinness. I mean it’s a little bit larger or longer than a lot of the knives that I typically EDC, but Olight just really did a great job with this. Carrying on with the tradition of the quality of Olight, I think the Oknife Drever is just excellent. I mean it’s super smooth, super lightweight and yet it has a lot of great features to it.

We definitely appreciate Olight for sending these knives. It’s just an excellent quality knife at a budget price. Great to slip in your pocket to use every day and if you happen to lose it, you know you’re not going to break the bank, but you’re going to really hate to lose it because these things sell really quickly.


Weight: 3.42 oz (96.9 g)
Overall Length: 7.99 in (203 mm)
Blade Length: 3.49 in (88.6 mm)
Handle Length: 4.50 in (114.4 mm)
•Superior Blade: N690 stainless steel blade with a 60-61 rockwell rating for excellent edge retention for slicing, cutting, and other daily tasks.
•Swift & Safe: Dual thumb studs and a flipper tab with jimping for easy one-handed operation from either hand. The stout stainless steel liner lock keeps the blade firmly in place when it is fully opened.
•Precise Control: The contoured G10 handle, comfortable full-sized finger choil, and blade spine jimping allow for a comfortable and balanced grip.
•Compact & Portable: Only 4.5 inches when folded. The deep-carry pocket clip with large opening is perfect for daily carry and storage.
•High Standards with Olight Lifetime Warranty: Meets BSCI and ISO 14000 accreditation requirements and FDA food safety standards.


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