Origin-12 Shotgun With a 30-Round Drum Mag is the Definition of Overkill

September 23, 2016

Modifying an Origin-12 Shotgun – Pushing The Boundaries of Practicality

Fostech’s Origin 12 shotgun is an impressive platform with AR-15-style ergonomics and durability, with the ability to accept a host of tactical modifications. By itself, there’s no question it’s a mean piece of firepower. But when you mount a Silencerco Salvo suppressor on the muzzle, pop a Trijicon RX30 sight on the top rail, and then fit it with a 30-round drum magazine, you turn it into a weapon system that looks more like something from a video game than for practical shooting.

Practical? Maybe not.

When you’re having as much fun as this shooter though, who cares about being practical?

Weight In – Would you test this platform at the range?

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