Patriot Defense Ammunition – Karen Hunter Review

Patriot Defense Ammunition is a newer, veteran-owned ammunition company consisting of actual shooters who take pride in the fact that they are driven by military values. Their leaders are storied veterans and West Point graduates driven by American Ingenuity.  They understand the needs and wants of their customers and serve the shooting community with premium, quality rounds. Patriot Defense states that they stand for all who respect the right to fire freely. They believe that the spirit of patriotism resides within civilians as well as our military, LEO and first responders.

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The integrity of Patriot Defense extends beyond customer service and straight to their actual product. We are all aware of the ammunition crisis that has been going on. From limited availability to extraordinarily high pricing, it has become impossible to spend the time training at the range as we once did. Patriot Defense has put their ingenuity to the test to offer a better solution, and they’ve succeeded. Patriot Defense has new stock weekly, without compromising the quality and integrity of their product. They only sell what is in stock, and product always ships within three business days arriving in non-descript packaging, keeping your privacy a priority. They do not do any pre-ordering; however you can go to their website and choose your preference of ammunition and Patriot will notify you via email when that ammo is available. Patriot Defense Ammunition is not remanufactured ammunition, these are premium rounds. Each and every round Patriot Defense signs their name to is hand selected for top quality. They are also partnered with Winchester offering a variety of ammunition options from Winchester themselves.

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I want to be clear that this is an ammunition review and not a Ballistics test of ammunition. There’s a difference. I am coming to you as a shooter who trains often for self-defense purposes and wants an ammunition that will perform, have less recoil and maintains consistent accuracy. I received  500 rounds of Patriots 9mm 124 gr FMJ, and 500 rounds of their 5.56 NATO 55 gr FMJ to shoot through several guns to test the ammunition’s integrity and function. I incorporated this ammo through several days of training doing everything from static shooting and basic drills, to more advanced moving and shooting and transition drills. The three main firearms I utilized were my Gen 5 GLOCK 17, which is a striker fired gun, my Nighthawk Custom Counselor in 9mm, which is a 1911, and my AR15. I can honestly state that every single round I shot did its job. They fed well even with more ammo sensitive guns that I included here and there. I found Patriot Defense Ammo to have significantly less recoil and my accuracy was consistent through all shooting exercises. Patriot Defense also has a wide variety of ammo to choose from. From defensive and training rounds, to hunting, Patriot Defense has every shooter covered.

I was thoroughly impressed with Patriot Defense Ammunition both as a company and for their premium product. Customer service is by far some of the best I have experienced as they are consistently kind and courteous – with Patriot Defense you are not just another ammo sale. They truly make each and every customer feel valued and respected, acknowledging each one as a true patriot of our great nation. I would highly urge you to try Patriot Defense Ammunition. Finally, after such a long wait there is more than just hope for the current ammunition issues, there is actual ammunition available with Patriot Defense Ammunition. To learn more, go to

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