Pistol Caliber Carbine 101 – Basic Manipulations

How to Manipulate of a Pistol Caliber Carbine: PCC 101 Episode 3

The pistol caliber carbine is enjoyable because it shares the same manipulations as the AR-15. This well-known platform has become the most popular rifle in America for many reasons. The last several years, though have seen astronomical growth in new gun owners across the country. Many of those are first-time shooters and may not have much if any experience on these guns. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the basic manipulations of the pistol caliber carbine.

The key to manipulations on the PCC is economy of motion. While not super heavy, the gun will fatigue you if you use large motions to manipulate it. Try to do everything inside what is called your workspace. To find this space, simply clap your hands like you are applauding. That is your workspace. The first manipulation people sometimes wrestle with is locking the bolt to the rear. To do this, grab the magazine well with your left hand. With you, right hand pull the charging handle to the rear. With the thumb of your left hand, press on the bottom of the bolt catch. Keep it pressed in as you slowly release the bolt. As it goes forward, it will catch and now be locked to the rear. To release the bolt, use your left thumb once again, and this time press on the top of the bolt catch. This will release the bolt and it will slide forward and into the battery.

Next up, we have reloading. Once again, bring the gun into your workspace. With the index finger of your right hand, press the magazine release button. Most times the magazine will simply fall free to the ground. Now index a fresh magazine from your pouch or pocket and bring it toward the mag well. Insert the magazine firmly and then tug on it to make sure it is seated. Once you are sure the magazine is locked in, use your left thumb to release the bolt once again as we described above. If the bolt is still forward, simply pull the charging handle completely to the rear and release it. This will load a round as well. A quick note about magazines that do not fall free. This is easy to deal with as you just pull it out with your left hand before you insert a fresh mag. At times magazines and the gun can get dirty and end up making the mag hang up in the well. It is an easy fix and can be done quickly.

Many people practice shooting with their PCCs, but I would encourage you to practice your manipulations as well. The more comfortable you are with the gun, the better you will be able to shoot.

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