Pistol Caliber Carbine 101 – Full Functionality

The functionality of a Pistol Caliber Carbine | PPC 101 Episode 5

Today we bring all our previous pistol caliber carbines together. The final part of the PCC equation is to look at the more detailed manipulations and accuracy. As with our previous installments, I am going to take a few minutes and break things down for you.

It is an unfortunate fact that our magazines will eventually run dry and we will need to get a fresh mag in the gun. A gun with an empty mag and the bolt locked to the rear is considered an emergency reload. We execute it in the following fashion.

  1. Bring the gun into your workspace.
  2. With your trigger finger, press the magazine release button letting the mag fall free.
  3. With your support side hand, get a fresh mag and insert it firmly into the mag well. Tug on it to make sure it seated.
  4. With the thumb of your left hand, press the bolt release and the bolt will jump forward chambering a round.

Another reload we see is a tactical reload. This is when you have a partially depleted mag and you want to put a full one in. The steps to this reload are very similar with just a couple changes.

  • Bring the gun into your workspace.
  • With your trigger finger, press the magazine release button and grab the magazine. Put in a pocket or pouch.
  • With your support side hand, get a fresh mag and insert it firmly into the mag well. Tug on it to make sure it seated. The gun is now reloaded with a fresh magazine.

The pistol caliber carbine is a mechanical device and will eventually experience a malfunction. It is important to know how to clear these and get your gun back running as quickly as possible. While there are several types of malfunctions, we will look at the two most common. These are called type one and type two malfunctions. The type one is also called a failure to fire. This can occur for a variety of reasons, but we fix it using the following steps.

  1. Index your trigger finger on the side of the rifle above the trigger guard.
  2. With your support hand, slam your palm up against your magazine’s base then tug on it to ensure it is firmly seated.
  3. With your primary hand, roll your rifle sharply to the right, so the ejection port points downward.
  4. With you support hand, rack the charging handle to the rear and let it go.
  5. Resume your normal shooting grip and sight picture on target

The next type of malfunction we see most commonly is a failure to extract. It is also called a stove pipe. This is when the spent brass does not make it all the way out of the chamber and interferes with the bolt going forward. The nice thing about these two malfunctions is that the process we use to clear them are identical. If your gun stops running, look into the ejection port. If you see brass sticking out, just use the steps we laid out above.

The last thing we will discuss is hyper accuracy. These guns can be very accurate and even more so with great ammo. To get the most out of the gun accuracy wise you need to follow the fundamentals. Make sure you are driving the butt stock into your shoulder with your support hand. Once you are on target, make a smooth continuous trigger press. Do not rush it and ultimately snatch the trigger. By following these simple tips, you can stack rounds on top of one another.

The PCC is a very enjoyable gun to run. It is an affordable alternative to the AR15 and can lead to hours of enjoyable range time. Take advantage of these great guns and add one to your collection.

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