Pistol Caliber Carbine 101 – Shooting Fundamentals of the PCC

Shooting Fundamentals of the PCC | PCC 101 Episode 4

Running the pistol caliber carbine is very similar to its rifle caliber cousin. In fact, that is one of the things that makes it so popular. With a little training and guidance, you can quickly master the fundamentals. Let’s take a few minutes and look at the shooting fundamentals of the PCC.

The first thing we will talk about is stance. This is an area with a variety of opinions and thoughts. The stance I teach with PCC and pretty much every other platform is a fighting stance. This is the stance you would take if you were to get physical with someone. Your support side foot is forward, and your strong side foot is back slightly. Your feet are roughly shoulder width apart. You should rock forward just slightly onto the balls of your feet to help manage recoil. I also encourage you to lean forward at the hips slightly as well for the same reason. The gun is soft shooting, but we can never have too much control.

Shooting Fundamentals of the PCC: Grip

The second part of the equation is grip and holding the gun. This is where rifles shine because we are able to get much more control over it. Our first point of contact is the pistol grip. Grip it firmly but not in an overlay powerful way. We want our trigger finger to be able to move smoothly. Next, we have our grip on the handguard. I teach to grab the handguard about 75% of the way out and then drive the gun into your shoulder. This creates a very stable platform. Now we seat the gun into our shoulder. Keep your elbow down and let the butt pad settle just inside the deltoid muscle. Lastly, we have our cheek on the butt stock. Now you have four points of contact, and the gun should be very stable.

Shooting Fundamentals of the PCC: Trigger Control

The last thing we need to discuss is trigger control. It is important to have a smooth trigger press and avoid jerking it. If we rush the last part of the trigger movement, we will cause the gun to move which affects our shot. I also teach students to keep your finger on the trigger and only let it move as far as it needs to in order to reset. Put all of this together and you will have a very solid shooting platform.

shooting fundamentals

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